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Usagi Drop – Episode 2

The first episode of Usagi Drop was just an introduction of the premise.  The characters didn’t display their traits, the writing didn’t display its level of quality, there was, in general, not enough dialogue for me to accurately judge whether or not I wanted to keep watching Usagi Drop.  Maybe more shows should do like Kami-sama no Memo-chou and have an hour-long first episode, so that they can get the premise out of the way and still have time left over to do something with it?  Maybe this is why people wait for shows to finish airing and marathon them rather than watching episode by episode.  I’m not going to wait three months to watch episode 2 of Usagi Drop, though.

…thirty minutes pass…

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Usagi Drop – Episode 1

Let’s start with the new show that seems most likely to be any good, which would be R-15, but that’s not out yet, so we’ll settle for Usagi Drop.  Episode 1, start!

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