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Kore Zombie – Episode 11

I guess this is the penultimate episode of Kore Zombie.  They sure have their work cut out for them wrapping up all the extant plot threads in just two episodes!  I wish they were actually going to wrap up all the extant plot threads, instead of what will actually happen, which will be either a confusing rush to an unsatisfying conclusion, or a “to be continued” that may never be continued, and even if it is, will I pick it up?  Well, if these next couple episodes are good enough I might.  Let’s give episode 11 of Kore Zombie a chance.

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Kore Zombie – Episode 10

We lost our necromancer, again.  Wasn’t that the cliffhanger last episode?  For someone with such amazing powers she sure ends up playing damsel in distress a lot.  I guess the issue is that her powers are seriously colored with evil, she can’t use them to e.g. change the TV channel without getting out of her chair, because the nature of her power would corrupt the TV into a giant TV monster that would rampage throughout the town.  It is a good thing we invented the remote control!

I dunno that I really buy the “curse” of having great but darkly colored power, honestly.  Either you can cheat and exploit your power for good, in which case it works out great, or there is some conservation law that leads to constantly increasing evil entropy, in which case just don’t use your power.  I guess in Eucliwood’s case “don’t use your power” is exactly what she is trying to do, but it leads to her having to e.g. never talk or emote.  That seems like a pretty legit curse, actually.  Ok, I can buy your premise, at least long enough to get me through episode 10 of Kore Zombie.

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Kore Zombie – Episode 9

Ok, so where were we on Kore Zombie?  It sure has been a while.  Let’s see, we had the one ninja chick accidentally married to the zombie, then the tsundere magical girl accepted her feelings for him, then the necromancer was kidnapped, and now we are watching episode 9.  Let’s go!

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