A thoughtful response to current anime.

Summer Updates – I’m still behind on my anime

Tari Tari update: I don’t care about the characters, it’s real tough to watch a drama if they haven’t made you care about the characters. I still can’t tell the two black-haired chicks apart. I still don’t know anything about the dude who plays badminton except that he’s a dude and he plays badminton. Dropped.

Joshiraku update: It is bothering me more and more that I don’t understand half the jokes. I’m not as inculcated into the culture of Japan as I like to pretend to be. I can’t even read kanji, so what I’m assuming were some fairly accessible kanji jokes in a recent episode went right over my head. And even when I get the jokes, it’s not as good as Nichijou’s jokes I got. I know that’s a high standard.

WHO IS “IMOUTO” update:

Kokoro Connect update: It’s not a bodyswap show anymore. I should be mad I guess. But I’m also interested in larger themes about what to do if you can’t trust yourself, which this show is exploring, even if it’s doing it through the ridiculous premise of an all-powerful alien that has nothing better to do than screw with the heads of five horny teens.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: Sometimes I wish this show were a little more grounded. Not a lot more grounded, because it’s scoring a lot of points with its surreal fairytale aesthetic, but some of the things happening don’t even make dream-world sense. I wonder if this is a pacing issue, if maybe there are half-sensible reasons for some of the wackier stuff that’s happening and they’re just not being expressed because the anime has to run through a whole story in two episodes. Still, the show is great, the unnamed female lead is great, and I want a pet fairy or ten.


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