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Sankarea – Episode 6

Last episode on Sankarea, Rea had succumbed to her zombie impulses and started licking the busty cousin’s cousiny bust.  I don’t know if all zombies are lesbians or what the reason behind that was.  My working theory was that she was seeking body heat, but that wasn’t a very good theory since we’d already established that zombies can’t feel heat.  Let’s hope they clear up what’s going on in episode 6 of Sankarea.

…thirty minutes pass…


Not what I want to be saying when I’m watching your anime!

We never got a proper explanation for all the licking.  When it turned out that the secret to keeping Rea from getting all corpse-like was to feed her hydrangea leaves I thought, ok, maybe she is instinctively trying to put things in her mouth in case they happen to be hydrangea leaves that can bring her back to functionality.  That would have made some sense.  But later after she accidentally wounds Furuya she licks his wound, even though she should have been full up on hydrangeas by that point.  So it seems like she just likes to lick things.  I guess it doesn’t have to be a result of the zombie potion.  Maybe Rea is just naturally inclined to lick things, and all the zombification has done is dulled her sense of what is socially appropriate to lick, just as it has dulled her other senses.

So since hydrangea leaves are the key to maintaining a zombie’s functionality, I think it’s safe to say that the grandfather is definitely a zombie.  They caught him eating the leaves!  That conflicts with the grandfather’s statement that there is no way to preserve zombies and they’ll eventually rot, though.  Unless maybe he’s rotten?  I think he’s probably just leaving it as a puzzle for Furuya.  He’s testing him to see how far he will get so that he knows if it’s okay to leave his research for him to carry on.

So what should Furuya do?  It’s good that he’s started keeping a lab notebook.  It’s also good that Rea isn’t getting all emo just because she’s joined the ranks of the living dead.  She has exactly the right perspective on it, she’s lucky to have been able to extend her life beyond its natural bounds.  She’s maybe understating things a bit when she says that if it weren’t for the potion there’s “no guarantee” she would have come back as a ghost, but at least she recognizes that she has something to be thankful for.  But time is running out… in particular I’m concerned about the hydrangeas dying over the winter.  Furuya should take this time to test the effectiveness of dried or frozen hydrangea leaves, or see if he can extract the active ingredient from them and store it.  After that he can spend all the time he wants doing research into keeping her functioning without hydrangeas, after he has a plan for surviving the winter.

This episode and this past episode have been a little slow for my tastes.  I think it’s because Rea’s horrible father hasn’t been in them.  He provides conflict, conflict drives plot, plot leads to suffering, suffering is interesting to watch.  So I was glad to see Rea’s father’s servant show up spying on her.  It seems to suggest that he’s going to get back into the picture and provide us with a more interesting antagonist than the fearsome effects of entropy.

Bonus Image Corner:

You know, Kiritsugu’s dad used exactly the same excuse. It didn’t turn out too well for him.


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