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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – Episode 4

Last episode on Tasogare Otome we were introduced to the final character from the first episode, so the paranormal investigations club is all assembled.  That means we can perhaps make some forward progress in the plot?  There were quite a few plot threads opened in the previous episode, like, what’s the deal with that shrine underneath the school?  Who’s the ghost Kirie saw, if not Yuuko?  Seriously though why does Teiichi see Yuuko the way he sees her you never satisfactorily answered that question?  Let’s ignore those plot threads in favor of wacky harem antics in episode 4 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia.

…thirty minutes pass…


My face when we get all this harem nonsense instead of exploring the mechanics behind ghosts.

A gratuitous swimsuit episode, wonderful.  They didn’t even try to pretend there was any reason for it – when pressed Kirie was like “I thought we might as well go swimming”.  At least Yuuko had the guts to stand up to the demands of the gratuitous swimsuit episode and go skinny-dipping instead (pictured below).  Yeah, I know I predicted wacky harem antics, but I didn’t want to be right.

I guess the point of this episode, if we look past the fanservice, was to underscore how horribly lonely Yuuko is.  She spends her days stuck in the school she haunts, with nobody talking to her, reaching out to touch her, or even acknowledging her existence.  She sounds like a grad student!  Hahaha.  Haha.  Seriously though, somebody should get her an iPad or something.  Maybe not an iPad, because I dunno how poltergeist telekinesis would interact with a capacitive touchscreen, but she needs some sort of internet hookup so that she can haunt chatrooms and webforums and Twitter.  It has been said, on the internet nobody knows you’re a ghost.   And since that was said the internet has gotten a little less impersonal, so she can’t go on Facebook or anything, but there’s still plenty of anonymity to go around.  She could start an anime blog!

One interesting thing I noticed was that, despite how much Okonogi screams her head off about even innocuous things (pictured above), it’s Kirie who ends up breaking down crying when she’s abandoned in the dark.  Okonogi is in the paranormal investigations club because she likes ghosts and the paranormal, it’s like a fun horror movie in real life to her.  But Kirie doesn’t like ghosts, or the paranormal.  She hates them, she’s terrified by them.  But precisely because she hates them and she’s terrified by them she’s joined this club, to face her fears and learn how to fight back.  Okonogi is there to play around and act cute, Kirie is there because she has an actual problem she needs solved.  I think you find a dichotomy between those two types of people in all sorts of organizations.

Bonus Image Corner:

She has awesome ghost powers! She is invisible and never needs to sleep and can look like whatever you want her to look like! How sweet is that?

You sure are cynical about the supernatural for someone who is an actual factual IRL ghost.


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