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Sankarea – Episode 5

Last episode on Sankarea, Rea was dying, or redying, or whatever you want to call it when a zombie stops being a zombie and goes back to being a regular corpse. Deanimation?  Destruction?  Braindeath? The Blessed Sleep?  Anyway she seemed to be OK with it, because her ability to get upset about the impending victory of entropy over her seems to have been one of the first things to go.  Furuya wasn’t about to let that happen, though.   Good luck rescuing your hot zombie girlfriend in episode 5 of Sankarea, Furuya!

…thirty minutes pass…


The elegance of the grave.

Wow, this episode didn’t really progress the plot much, did it?  I was rooting for Furuya to fight passionately to protect Rea, but instead he shoves her in a closet and goes to do slice-of-lifey stuff.  As he was cleaning the floor of the temple he said to himself “I don’t have time for this”.  I wanted to shout at the screen that he was damn right he didn’t have time for it, so he should blow it off already!  A person’s unlife is at risk here!  Or at least it seemed reasonable to believe so at the time.  We did get a couple minutes of plot advancement at the end, after all…

So it seems that Rea is becoming more like a “real” zombie, now.  Leaping out and attacking people and stuff like that.  It seems like she’s not interested in brains so much as breasts?  (Heck I know a lot of people you could say that about.)  I dunno if being a zombie just makes you super horny or what, she was pretty uh, romantically aggressive toward Furuya too.  Maybe she’s just desperately trying to get the body heat she’s no longer able to produce naturally?  That would explain why she is ripping people’s clothes off, holding them tightly, and rubbing her body against them.  Although, we already know she can’t sense heat.  So maybe the more parsimonious explanation is that this is a zombie fanservice show.  But I had sort of hoped this would be the thinking man’s zombie fanservice show, you know?

Apparently the grandfather is the inventor of the zombification potion?  If that’s the case, he must himself be a zombie.  If he’s a zombie, that explains several things.  First and foremost it explains why he looks like a zombie.  That skin color is not very healthy.  But it also explains why he can’t tell the difference between tofu and fish paste in his soup – zombies are beyond sensations like heat or flavor.  It also explains why he can eat poisonous plants without showing any ill effect.  It explains why he remembers a loved one nobody else seems to – he’s older than they think, and is remembering a person from when he was alive.  Although that would imply that he got married and had children (!) while dead.  So maybe we don’t want to hypothesize quite that far.  But he’s definitely a zombie.

At least during the slice-of-lifey bits we got some more characterization for some of the characters.  Not Rea, unfortunately, since she spent most of the episode in rigor mortis.  But the busty cousin and her friend got a good chunk of screen time.  I think I’m going to like her friend a lot, she strikes me as sort of like Sanae from Ika Musume.  And her character design (pictured below) is excellent, even relative to most of the other characters on this beautifully designed show.

Bonus Image Corner:

Not quite as cute a stalker as Yuno was, but she’s got a nice ahoge.

She wanted to have the experiences of a normal girl, after all..


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