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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – Episode 3

Last episode on Tasogare Otome, we got the backstory of how the protagonist met the ghost chinck, and also of how the mystery investigation club was formed.  We didn’t finish filling in the backstory yet, though because there’s one more character that needs to be introduced.  We absolutely can’t move forward until she is introduced, because you can’t have a supernatural harem comedy with just two girls.  That’d just be a supernatural love triangle!  Let’s fulfill the minimum requirements for genre classification in episode 3 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia.

…thirty minutes pass…


How would *I* know?

This show is not quite as good as Sankarea.  I feel like probably they are showing off Yuuko’s nude body (pointedly not pictured below) to try to distract from the rather mediocre animation quality that they have.   But I did enjoy that they actually touched on the issue of “how does Teiichi know that he’s not just seeing what he wants to in Yuuko”?  I honestly thought that was going to pass unremarked, so I feel a little bit better about the care that’s being put into the story.  It always makes me feel validated when the writers bother to address my concerns rather than just sweeping them under the rug of suspension of disbelief.

Although, their handling of the problem of perception still leaves a little to be desired.  They didn’t really explain why Teiichi sees Yuuko as she sees herself.  How would he even know how to see her?  I guess the “black hair” part is almost a freebie in Japan, especially for a girl who died before current fashion trends that involve coloring your hair.  And the “smooth white flawless skin” is just flattery, obviously you’re going to flatter yourself, obviously you’re going to flatter the hot chick from your imagination.  “Tall”, though, strikes me as something unusual enough to suggest that Teiichi actually does have some information about Yuuko’s “actual” appearance.  Tallness is often considered non-charming in girls (see Lovely Complex for details), and it would be surprising in someone from several generations ago, since people tend to get taller over time.  So it would be an odd choice for him to coincidentally hit on, so probably it’s her actual form.

Well, in some sense, that skeleton in the basement is her actual form.  And from that perspective, Kirie has the right of it more than Teiichi does, seeing a corpse.  But she also sees burning evil and hatred in her eyes, and that’s a mistake.  Probably.  Yuuko doesn’t resent her death because she doesn’t remember it, right?  I dunno, I’m still not convinced that that body down there belongs to her.  We know now that there’s another ghost haunting the school, that Kirie saw and confused for Yuuko, and that’s why she sees Yuuko as fearsome.  But all we know is that Yuuko thinks she’s Yuuko, and Teiichi sees Yuuko as she thinks she is.  Why does Teiichi see Yuuko as she thinks she is?  Because Teiichi met Yuuko for the first time in a mirror, of course!  Yuuko was looking in a mirror, so her perception was controlling what the mirror reflected, and then Teiichi saw the reflection in the mirror.  That makes perfect sense!  But under that theory, there is no reason to suspect that Yuuko is actually Yuuko, rather than some random amnesiac spirit who thinks she’s Yuuko and therefore has taken on Yuuko’s appearance.

Bonus Image Corner:

I lied. Please enjoy Yuuko's naked body.

Because it's not pleasant!

Teiichi wants to see her cutely blush, so she does. So convenient!


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