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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – Episode 2

Last episode on Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, we were introduced to the mystery investigations club.  It turns out the president of the club is a ghost!  Spooky!  Due to reasons, the middle third of the episode was basically the same as the first third, so we didn’t get much past introductions.  So who knows what might happen in episode 2 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia?

…thirty minutes pass…


What's the point in acting if your audience can't see or hear you?

So this episode was a flashback to the origin of the mystery investigations club, when Yuuko met Teiichi and then they both met the blond-haired chick.  There were a few funny gags, and Yuuko continues to be an enjoyable character, even if the production quality of this show is not quite at the same level as Sankarea or Fate/Zero.  I’ll keep watching I guess.  I’m not sure I approve of the “start in the middle and then flash back” format that they’re using, though.  They certainly don’t have production quality at the same level as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, and so it just bugs me to see a character who I know looks better without glasses wearing them because we’re in the past and he hasn’t lost them yet.

There were a lot of questions left unanswered by this episode, so we’ll probably need at least one more episode of flashback. We still haven’t even introduced the other chick who was in the club, the one who either can see Yuuko or at least can make pretty good assumptions about what she’s doing.  But there are also some questions about how the mechanics of Yuuko’s ghosthood work that I don’t feel were adequately explained, and I’m not confident they ever will be.  For example, how does Yuuko know she’s a ghost?  She doesn’t remember dying, she can’t pass through solid objects or use any other cheaty ghost powers, basically she seems like a normal human being that people often don’t pay attention to?  Maybe she’s immortal, that’s something.  Apparently she died a long time ago (her evidence for this claim is the old uniform on the body she claims is hers?), and so if she hasn’t matured any and still plays silly ghost pranks on people, I guess that proves she’s a ghost.

Another concern I had was that when Yuuko and Teiichi were staging that exorcism to impress the blond chick, the blond chick could sort of see Yuuko as a horrific vision.  Yuuko explained that as “people see what they want to see” in her, but mightn’t that apply to Teiichi too?  Maybe he’s just seeing what he wants to see, and it turns out that he wants to see a tall, playful, blackhaired girl with sizable breasts who doesn’t mind if you grope them a little.  It seems like a plausible thing to want to see!  I guess if, later on, someone else manages to see the same things he does (like seemed to be happening in the first episode), that would make it more likely that the Yuuko Teiichi sees is the “real” Yuuko.  If she is just a figment of his imagination, though, that would help explain why she knew his name before he told her it.  It would also explain why she said to him, “hey, I’m just a figment of your imagination”.

Bonus Image Corner:

Maybe if you don't want people looking at your body you shouldn't leave it lying around where people can smash mirrors and stumble into it.


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