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Sankarea – Episode 3

Last episode on Sankarea, Rea had been caught sneaking around in the night with her boyfriend, and had been grounded.  This upset her so much that she tried to kill herself, not knowing that what she thought was poison was actually a Zombification Potion!  The zombie apocalypse begins now, with episode 3 of Sankarea.

…thirty minutes pass…


It took us three episodes to get to the zombie chick. How many episodes is this show supposed to run?

This show is beautiful to look at, but sometimes pretty hard to watch.  It was heartbreaking to see Rea after her failed suicide attempt, waking up afterwards and just getting on with her life, apologizing to her father and expressing gratitude for all he’d done for her.  And then when he confronted her later, and she stood up to him, in as timid and sad a fashion as she could, and he struck her down, that was terrible.  At least that last, when he killed his beloved daughter, seemed to make him stop and think about what he’d done.   I’d like to think that now that she’s dead she’ll be free of her awful father, but it seems that his servant noticed her getting back up with the guts spilling out of her body.  I guess we’ll see if he can bring himself to be as attracted to zombies as Furuya is.

There was again some serious mood mismatch in this episode.  They went from Rea’s heartbreaking home life to Furuya laughing it up with his busty cousin and cynical little sister (pictured below).  I guess the mood mismatch might be some of the point.  It helps explain why Rea is so head-over-heels about Furuya in such a short time.  He represents the parts of her life (unlife) that are full of comic relief and silly conversations about zombies, rather than the parts of her life where she has to use polite language for fear of what her father will do to her, or worse, do to the people she cares about.  But maybe now that Furuya has seen her father kill her and her father is trying to castrate Furuya, she won’t be able to keep those parts of her life separate.  Well, maybe her father has bigger problems than Furuya’s testicles to worry about at this point?  We’ll have to see how that develops.

I guess now we’ll have to see how the mechanics of zombification work.  Babu the cat seemed to be suffering from some significant side-effects.  They did not seem to involve biting people and turning them into zombies, thank goodness, but it was mentioned that he seemed emotionally dull and not very lively.  And he snarled at Rea’s dad, which may just be the proper behavior of all living creatures toward such an abominable person, but it might also indicate that he has some instinct to protect the fellow zombie Rea.  It’ll probably be easier to get a handle on what the side effects of zombification are when we can just ask Rea, though.  Humans are comparatively good at introspection, so she can just report “oh yeah I don’t feel so many emotions anymore, just sort of a hunger for brains”.  It would be a shame if zombification removed your capacity for introspection, though.  It is sometimes suggested in philosophical literature that it would (c.f. “philosophical zombies”).

Bonus Image Corner:

Busty Cousin has a good head on her shoulders! Furuya really needs to pay more attention to the possibility he's accidentally created a bioweapon and turned it loose on Japan.


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