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Mirai Nikki – Episode 25

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, Yukiteru and Minene had chased Yuno and Murumuru into the past, where Yuno had taken Yukiteru’s past-parents as hostages.  Yuno seems to be acting as the final villain of the series, which is sort of a sad ending for her.  I’m crossing my fingers though, there’s still time for them to talk things out and cooperate!  They need to realize what a uniquely powerful position they are in as time-travelers from the future, and team up to rule the world.  Why are they even still fighting?  Maybe Yukiteru wants to save Yuno’s time-clone, but I think he had better give it up.  The survival game can only have one winner, after all, either his time-clone or Yuno’s will have to die.  Unless they can change the rules?  Maybe episode 25 of Mirai Nikki will show them breaking into the mayor’s office and tampering with the prototype diaries so that everybody can win and the Earth is a utopia forever hooray!  We’ll see.

…thirty minutes pass…


That's not entirely fair, Yuno. You also have pink hair.

Well, they wasted a lot of this episode on the sort of boring supernatural combat that I was afraid they would waste it on.  If I don’t have rules for what Murumuru’s Deus Fragment can do compared to what the power Deus gave to Minene can do, it’s hard for me to get intellectually invested in the combat.  And since I don’t care about Murumuru or Minene as characters really, it’s hard for me to get emotionally invested in the combat.  And since I’ve seen Fate/Zero,  it would take much higher caliber animation to get me viscerally excited by the combat.  Oh boy, people throwing glowing orbs at each other at several frames per second, yawn.  Wow, someone was losing, but now they removed their power limiter and they are winning?  What a compelling and non-cliched turn of events.  The only interesting action scene this episode was where Yukiteru suicidally charged at Yuno, and that was interesting because I actually do care about those two characters, so it actually does mean something to me that Yuno flinched away from killing Yukiteru.

But there were some good character and plot bits in this episode, so I won’t complain too much about the lameness of the action.  It seems like Yuno has basically hit on the solution that I proposed after last episode, that they should just abandon their previous timeline as already mostly wrecked, and just live in this one.  But I guess she is not as optimistic as I am that Yukiteru can be made to see the light.  So she’s going to lock Yukiteru away in a world created specifically for him to enjoy.  Seems pretty humane, actually, especially compared to how she treated her time-clone.  The reason for the disparity might be because she loves Yukiteru but hates herself.  You know what they say, “if you love someone lock them in a pleasure orb and make them have sex with soulless simulacra created to resemble their old crushes”.

After all they’d been through together it made me sad to see Yuno being so cynical about her relationship with Yukiteru (pictured above).  I can’t fault what she says for accuracy, exactly.  It does seem like she latched on to Yukiteru because she was desperate for someone to support her.  And it is definitely the case that Yukiteru latched on to her because he was desperate not to be blown up by Minene, axed by Tsubaki’s followers, punched out by Marco, et cetera. But that’s maybe not as big a problem as she thinks.  This is the problem of true love, similar to the problem of free will.  Yes, you have reasons for making your choices, yes, you have reasons for loving your loved ones, but that doesn’t invalidate the choice, it doesn’t invalidate the love.  Every event in this world has a cause, so pointing to the event of Yukiteru falling in love with you and saying “Aha! There was a cause for this!” is sort of pointless.

So there’s one episode left for them to wrap things up in.  Things are looking pretty bad for the “good guys”, to the extent there are any.  Yukiteru’s trapped in the aforementioned utopia orb.  Minene was overpowered by Murumuru and lost her hand again.  And now Yuno is hovering over her time-clone looking grimly determined.  I guess there’s always the possibility that this world’s Deus could step in?  They’ve been doing some pretty flashy supernatural battle, to the extent that even ordinary citizens have noticed the light show.  I don’t see how they could write him intervening without it seeming like a deus ex machina, though.  Perhaps some of those ordinary citizens are going to step in?  Kousaka having one last brilliant moment as he lobs a rock at the dark demigoddess, disrupting her concentration and making her collapse into a ball of time paradox?  The story’s real hero comes back to defeat evil one more time, using his hypnotic powers on Murumuru and having her subdue Yuno?  I dunno.

Bonus Image Corner:

Makes Yuno's face look sane.


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