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Sankarea – Episode 2

Last episode on Sankarea, the male lead and the titular Sanka Rea met and became friends over a midnight necromantic ritual.  There was a flashforward at the end that suggested she would be turning into a zombie soon.  I hope they weren’t just jerking us around and it actually happens in this episode, because man, if I wanted to watch a living people romance there are a million other shows I could be watching instead.  Let’s hope that Sankarea focuses on the things that make it special in episode 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

She's not as enthusiastic a lab assistant as Makise Kurisu.

Wow, this story is darker than I had thought.  From the first episode, I thought, ok, Rea is a sheltered rich girl and her dad is kinda creepy and smothering.  No, it turns out her dad is a child molester who destroys everything she loves in order to force her to rely solely on him, to the point where she is driven to suicide!  “My mistake.” I think possibly the story is darker than the people who wrote it thought, even, because they follow up the scenes of Rea being tormented by her father with wacky harem comedy nonsense where the male lead’s busty cousin has stopped by his house and used the shower and does not need to cover her nakedness because hey they are cousins.  Or maybe I was supposed to be getting disturbing incest vibes from that scene too?

They just barely managed to make the cutoff for zombifying Rea this episode, assuming that the zombie potion has the same effect on people as it does on cats and the same effect on the living as it does on the dead.  Which might not be a safe assumption in real life, but for the sake of the story surely it will work.  Although I’m not sure how being a zombie is supposed to help her out of her current situation?  Maybe her father will no longer find her festering flesh appealing, but his “love” is so “deep” and “unique” that I’m not sure we can rely on that.  (In fact, as a zombie it is if anything more important to get proper photographic documentation of how her condition progresses, for the sake of science.) I guess if you’re a zombie and so you don’t need to breathe or not have your guts hang out of your body, it becomes a lot easier to fake your death and then dig yourself out of your grave and run off to Indonesia with a cute necromancer.  Don’t they mostly cremate in Japan, though?

We should probably be worried about that zombie cat that ran out into the night.  We don’t have a clear idea of the rules for zombification in this fiction yet, but many sorts of zombies try to eat people’s brains and turn them into zombies.  If your experiment has a reasonable chance of producing a brain-eating monster, you should really take basic precautions.  Like putting a lock on your cooler, or at least putting a biohazard symbol on it so your busty cousin doesn’t unthinkingly open it.  Or at least wearing safety goggles so that when  your busty cousin unthinkingly opens the cooler, the monster doesn’t have a clear route to your brain through your eye sockets.

I guess we’ll see over the next few episodes if Babu spawns an army of undead and ends the human race because of some dumbass high school kid’s careless experimentation.

Bonus Image Corner:

If immortality research is underway, that's even more reason to try to play it safe until it's completed.



Chilling like "Happy Halloween, Maria" from Umineko.



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