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Acchi Kocchi – Episode 1

Acchi Kocchi did not have a very edifying description in the anime preview chart.  Its name means “here and there”, which doesn’t tell us much either.  The buzz I’ve seen from people who watched it before me has been pretty ambivalent.  The title reminds me of the ending theme “Kuroi Yokan” from Mawaru Penguindrum, but I can’t show you why because the copyfascists have taken down all the videos that had it in them.  I weep for the future of the internet.  Let’s hurry up and watch episode 1 of Acchi Kocchi before they shut us down too.

…thirty minutes pass…


You're not my Konata!

This show wasn’t just bad.  It was empty.  It was like the sort of anime that would be produced by a computer that was very good at understanding human language (or at least Japanese), but that didn’t quite get what “humor” was.  So there were a number of scenes that were structured like jokes, where you would be in a situation, and something would happen, and something would say something about it, and someone else would disagree in an exasperated tone, but none of it was funny.  They see a teacher, she slips and falls, one of the characters comments that the teacher is unlucky to have fallen down, one of the other characters comments that they should be helping her up.  That’s the joke.  I feel like this show really needed a laugh track, because I felt bad that nobody was laughing at their “jokes”, but I certainly wasn’t going to.  Cheer up, AnimeTron3000, you’ll do a better job in the next version.

It’s almost as though they tried to mimic the slice-of-life comedy genre, but did not understand what made the slice-of-life comedy genre enjoyable.  Because I’m a fan of slice-of-life comedy, but the problems I had with this show echo the sort of complaints I hear about better shows.  “What’s the point?” “There weren’t any jokes in that.” “They spend all this time talking about nothing.” “The characters are one-dimensional.”  Is this what Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch look like to non-fans?

I think the distinction is that Acchi Kocchi did very little that was unexpected, very little that wasn’t the most immediately obvious thing to do.  Sure, in Lucky Star, they talk for five minutes about the proper way to eat a chocolate coronet.  But even though the topic of discussion is a little plain, the discussion itself is lively!  They use metaphors, they propose multiple interpretations of the shape of the coronet, they perform experiments and demonstrations to support their position.  In Acchi Kocchi, the discussion would have been “how do you eat a chocolate coronet” “I start from the top” “give me a break” *laugh track*.  And Hidamari Sketch has charming characters, with their own stuff going on, their own hopes and fears and whatnot.  All I know about the female lead from watching this episode is that she’s short, and she likes the male lead, but she’s shy about it.  I’m not sure I know anything at all about the male lead!  How could 22 minutes pass so emptily?

I don’t think I’ll be following this show.


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