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Mirai Nikki – Episode 24

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, some wacky stuff went down.  Trying to give a meaningful recap would probably take more space than I usually spend on one of these posts in its entirety, so suffice it to say that Yukiteru is freaking out because Yuno went back in time and murdered an earlier version of herself, and the world is scheduled to end tomorrow unless one of them kills the other.  You’d think after 23 episodes Yukiteru would be used to Yuno killing people, but whatever.  I guess maybe betraying your time-clone is especially shocking, because if you were going to be able to cooperate with anyone, you would expect it to be yourself?  Let’s see how the two of them handle the impending apocalypse in episode 24 of Mirai Nikki.

…thirty minutes pass…

Ok, *definitely* don't look at me like *that*.

I wasn’t expecting Minene to return.  That kind of feels like cheating, even though I know they set it up with that scene where Deus pierced her through the stomach.  The problem is, the scene where Deus pierced her through the stomach could have meant anything, there was no particular reason to suspect that it meant that she had been given the power to defy death and act as a referee for the game when Deus became too weak to do so himself.  In particular, she’s a diary holder, so her death is especially meaningful.  Since she turned out to still be alive, does that mean she’s still playing, and once Yukiteru kills Yuno she’ll be able to kill Yukiteru and seize the crown for herself?  Or is she basically just a zombie at this point?  I noticed the pale white hand grafted onto her arm, I thought that was a cool touch.  Anyway, I’m not thrilled about the prospect of this show’s final showdown being a confrontation between Minene and Murumuru, two minor characters with undefined magic powers who can just fling bolts of energy at each other while I yawn.  Hopefully something happens to trivialize the two of them.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize that Murumuru was a time-clone of the real Murumuru.  Of course she is, it makes perfect sense that when Yuno became God she would get God’s loyal servant loyal to her.  And then just as Yuno went back and killed herself, so did Murumuru.  It’s an elegant solution for why Murumuru has been subtly shifting things in Yuno’s favor all this time.  Although, the question is, why stop there?  If you have power over time and space, why not make several servants to take back in time with you, just in case?  Why not make a suit of Powered Causality Armor to stomp through the city destroying all the other diary-holders?  I guess they had to be subtle while Deus was still functional, or he would catch them cheating and smack them down.

I seriously don’t get why Minene is being such a worrywart about changing the past, and why she’s being so callous toward time-clones.  Time-clones are people too!  If you don’t love your mother’s time-clone, I question in what sense you can be said to actually love your mother. You could make the case that she should be worried about Deus noticing the time-refugees stomping around, but really, shouldn’t they be shouting for his help?  I mean, Murumuru was the one who broke the rules first, they were just trying to even the score.  Although, if they called on Deus to fix things, he would probably “fix” things by smacking down Murumuru, depowering Minene, and then sending the three of them back to their own timeline.  Which is full of the corpses of people Yukiteru loved.

I had a thought.  The world was going to end, right? Yukiteru or Yuno, one of them had to kill the other, or the world would end.  But there’s a false assumption buried in that sentence: “the” world.  There are more worlds!  They’re in one now!  They’ve escaped their doomed world and can sit back and let the survival game play itself out to its conclusion in this new world.  And they can guide the survival game, with their foreknowledge and Minene and Murumuru’s cheaty powers.   They can make sure it has a winner, fast enough that holes in the world don’t start appearing and causing property damage.  If they are in a position to pick a winner, they should pick Eighth, she seemed nice.  And then Eighth will get power over time and space, and create a beautiful world, and then Yukiteru and Yuno can live happily ever after in it.  Sucks to be the six billion people of the world they abandoned, but what are you gonna do.

Bonus Image Corner:

Yukiteru has seriously not been paying attention.

The past has a lower standard of living, a less developed economy, and more primitive technology than the present.


Oh hey, I remember you! Long time no see, haha.


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