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Sankarea – Episode 1

Sankarea is supposed to be a love story between a budding necromancer boy and a girl who wishes she were a zombie.  Sounds like an interesting premise, let’s see how it plays out in episode 1 of Sankarea.

…thirty minutes pass…

Maybe not the best pickup line in the world.

Yeah, this seems like something I want to keep watching.  I guess I was a little mistaken about the premise.  The male lead’s not really a “budding necromancer”, he’s just a dude with a fascination with the undead, who somehow got his hands on some sort of ancient book of forbidden lore and didn’t want to let his beloved pet die.  Maybe that’s how all budding necromancers get their start?  First you start with your pet cat, then you zombify the high-class ojou-sama from the nearby girl’s school, and soon you’re sending armies of wraiths to terrorize Tokyo and cackling about how the heroes can never hope to win against a man who has defeated death itself.  But this is not that sort of story.  This is a love story.  Maybe a harem story, even, given the extent to which his hot cousin was rubbing her chest in his face.  But if he has no interest in living girls, maybe she’ll just be a background character that shows up to occasionally provide fanservice for those members of the audience who don’t share the protagonist’s refined taste in dead women.

Speaking of the love story, don’t they seem to be rushing through the romance a little fast?  The protagonist met Rea, learned her deep inner trauma, cheered her up, and had her start making serious eyes at him, all in the space of a few minutes.  Given how creepy and weird the protagonist is, he should have had to do a little more to get her to start flirting with him than just hear her venting her anger at her family when she thought no one was around.  I guess she goes to an all-girls school and lives a very sheltered life.  She doesn’t get much opportunity to interact with guys, so when she sees a chance she has to grab hold of it quickly, and she can’t afford to be picky.  Or maybe she’s so sheltered she doesn’t have any idea of her relative worth on the dating market, and thinks the protagonist is the best she can do.  Or maybe she’s trying to get back at her stifling father for stifling her so much, in which case the creepy weirdness of the protagonist is actually a plus.  Probably the actual reason, though, is that the show is in a hurry to get the two of them into a relationship so that she can die and have him bring her back as a zombie (at the cost of his immortal soul or something).  Probably they figure they can’t spend three episodes establishing the relationship while she’s alive, or all us weirdos who only showed up for the prospect of zombie girls will get bored and wander off.  Sort of reminds me of the first couple episodes of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien that way.

I really liked the character designs!  Maybe it’s just that my expectations are low after watching Medaka Box, but Sanka Rea is gorgeous.  It’s going to be a shame to turn her into a zombie.  The other characters are well-designed too – I can’t say of the protagonist that he’s attractively-designed, but his character captures the sense of a weird guy who is way too into the occult to remember to do things like comb his hair.  And the animation in general was well-done, especially the scenes with Rea at the well.

Bonus Image Corner:

His character design captures a sense of "a zombie has been unliving right under your nose for all these years".


I hope she keeps enough hair as a zombie to still be able to wear that flower hairclip.


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