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Spring Anime Season 2012 – Happy Birthday Sun Tzu Anime!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I started this blog!  Time flies when you’re blogging about currently airing anime.    Let’s see what we’ve got on the slate for this spring.  I’ll be using Moetron’s excellent chart  as a reference to check out which of the shows are likely to be worth checking out.  I’m only going to mention stuff I’m interested in, or stuff I have an interesting reason for not being interested in.  You don’t want to read me posting “This is a sports anime and I don’t watch sports anime” over and over.  If I overlook something, feel free to post a comment.  As usual, my translations of show titles are only my best guesses based on an incomplete knowledge of Japanese.

Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Siblings): Realistic space travel drama with a realistic art style?  Sounds good!  Let’s just hope they don’t take themselves so seriously it becomes tedious to watch.  The blurb makes it sound like a “mature” anime, and I’m a little immature.  Reminds me of: Planetes, which was awesome.  But Uchuu Kyoudai seems like it might be more about interpersonal drama than about space per se.  Planetes was great in large part because of the cool space scenes shot with no sound effects because there’s no sound in space.  If this show is more about a brother being jealous of his brother’s success and it just happens to coincidentally mention space, I probably won’t be able to wade through 48 episodes of it.

Upotte!: It’s a show about schoolgirls who are also assault rifles.  It’s by Xebec, and it’s being released as a web anime.  Let’s just say, I’m not expecting much.  Reminds me of: Akikan, a show about schoolgirls who were also empty aluminum drink cans.  Akikan was pretty bad, but kind of amusing.  It also reminds me of Hetalia Axis Powers, a show about boys who were also nation-states.  Hetalia was pretty amusing, but kind of bad.  I’ll probably watch an episode of Upotte at least, it should be good for a laugh.

Tasogare OtomeXAmnesia (Twilight MaidenXAmnesia): I never got around to watching Another last season, so I probably won’t get around to watching this.  But it sounds like they’re going to be putting a lot more of their premise out in the open than Another did, not relying so much on spooky mysterious nonsense, but giving a clear-cut situation for the protagonist to respond to.  Reminds me of: I never watched Another, but the “only I can see this ghost” premise reminds me of Ginban Kaleidoscope, which was cool.  It wasn’t really a mystery at all, though, it was a romantic comedy.  So maybe it’s a mistake to hope that Tasogare Otome will be as enjoyable.

Hyouka: Kyoto Animation!  Ok, I didn’t care for K-On, and Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai was such an unforgettable disaster that I can quote its full name from memory.  But they did Haruhi, Lucky★Star, and Nichijou, too, so I’m not about to turn them down lightly.  Looks like a mystery investigation club? Could be cool.  Reminds me of: Suzumiya Haruhi’s SOS-dan was sort of de facto a mystery investigation club, but I don’t think that’s quite the feel they’re aiming for with this show.  It might end up being more like Ghost Hunt, although the people in Ghost Hunt were professional ghost hunters.  Maybe it’ll be like Kanon(2006), which I just realized I forgot to list in my list of KyoAni’s successes.

Fate/Zero: I’m not sure if this counts as a second season or if it’s just a continuation of what we were watching in fall.  Either way, I am eager to finally see the battle they were building up to back last November. Reminds me of: Fate/Zero.

Jormungand: I almost skipped over this show, because a dude with white hair and a gun pattern-matches to typical shounen action nonsense, but it actually looks like Jormungand is going to be a gritty modern hyperviolence show.  Which can be cool if it’s done well.  Reminds me of: Black Lagoon, which did gritty modern hyperviolence well.  The characters are African mercenaries instead of southeast Asian pirates, but both groups fulfill the same basic purpose: to serve as a modern-day adventuring party.

Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ (Shining Hearts ~The Bread of Happiness~): I’m not going to be blogging this show, I’d never be able to stop making “Shiawase Nopan” jokes.  Also it looks sort of bad?  Like your average bland fantasy crap, and I doubt just setting it in a bakery will make it interesting.  Reminds me of: Yakitate Japan, an interesting show set in a bakery.  There’s no way Shiawase Nopan could live up to the standards of bread-related drama and passionate dough-kneading that Yakitate Japan set.

Acchi Kocchi (Here and There): We really have nothing to go on, the description is one generic sentence..  I guess it’s a 4koma adaptation comedy?  Those are dangerous, but can be great when done well.  AIC has done some decent comedies, like Bamboo Blade and Sora no Otoshimono, but nothing that would lead me to trust them implicitly. Reminds me of: Mawaru Penguindrum, because I couldn’t figure out what that was supposed to be about either.

Sankarea:  Looks like a semi-serious romance that coincidentally contains zombies.  I watched a commercial for it, the female lead didn’t seem like an emo goth, but I guess she’s obsessed with the idea of dying and coming back as a zombie and thinks the male lead can help her?  Sounds like it could make for interesting romantic drama. Reminds me of: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  The love between necromancer and zombie is a beautiful thing, even if the gender roles are switched in Sankarea.  Kore Zombie wasn’t actually that good, but I blame basically everything that wasn’t the necromancer/zombie romance for that.

Medaka Box: I heard good things about the manga, but I couldn’t even get through the first chapter because the scanslations were so bad.  It sounds like an interesting premise, but I can’t say I approve of the character designs.  Nothing wrong with making your characters busty, but when you frame your promo images to emphasize your character’s ample bosom it makes me worried where your priorities lie.  Reminds me of: Seitokai no Ichizon, only with a Student President who’s proactive instead of lazy.

Tsuritama (Fishing Ball): A sci-fi fishing story, huh.  You’d figure I’ve been burned enough times on Noitamina shows that I would give up, but I don’t want to miss the next Tatami Galaxy.  It’s a really strange-sounding premise, that aliens would come to Earth for the prime fishing waters, but maybe they’ll go somewhere interesting with it. Reminds me of: Level E, which was pretty great.  Of course the alien in that show came to earth to troll humanity instead of to fish, but what is fishing but a system by which humans troll fish?  Tsuritama is cutting out the middleman.  Whenever I think of fishing aliens (which admittedly isn’t often), I also think of Arakawa Under the Bridge’s Nino-san.  But Nino-san never needed a fishing pole to catch her fish.

So that’s nine shows, seven of which are serious candidates.  Fate/Zero is a shoe-in, so if you figure half of the rest are worth watching that ends up being four shows.  Which isn’t as many as I would like, but it’s twice as many as I was following in winter. There’s a lot of sci-fi this time around, which sort of worries me. I like sci-fi, but a little goes a long way for me.


2 responses to “Spring Anime Season 2012 – Happy Birthday Sun Tzu Anime!

  1. Justin April 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Well…congrats on making it to a year! But the real challenge comes when trying to make it to year 2 😀

    Well, I say you should take a chance on Zetman. The manga’s pretty good and the anime trailer was good.

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