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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Episode 11

The last episode of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou was not to my taste, with lots of undignified physical humor.  But I have faith!  There have been some really good episodes of Daily Lives of High School Boys, episodes that blended character-driven humor with relaxing slice-of-life elements.  Let’s hope episode 11 of Danshi Koukousei no Daily Lives is in that vein.

…thirty minutes pass…


That's not a high school boy at all!

I liked this episode!  It was very, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou-y.  The basic joke template this show works from is that it will set up a slice of life situation, like for example a father (pictured above) playing catch with his son.  Then it will throw some silly bits in to get you to drop your guard, like the father hitting the ball with a golf club, or the callback to using a rolled-up jacket as the ball.  And once you think, oh, they are just riffing on this situation, the show drops in a recontextualization of the whole situation, which acts as the punchline.  The punchlines generally don’t justify the lengthy setups, but they don’t really have to, because during the setup, you’ve been watching amusing slice-of-life stuff the whole time.  Maybe you don’t laugh much, but you smile a lot.  It’s a low-impact style of comedy, but I like it a lot better than the impactful style of the previous episode.

I was glad that Mitsuo got some good hits in this episode.  Even if he didn’t win the fight in the end, even if his precious treasure was destroyed by the gang of bullies who call themselves High School Boys, he put up a good showing.  Tadakuni still didn’t show up, though.  Hidenori and Yoshitake got their nice bromance bit where Hidenori got to reminisce about how much he hates Yoshitake, but where was Tadakuni in all of that?  Why doesn’t he hate  Tadakuni, too?  I guess Tadakuni’s fears in what was it episode 6 I think (?) turned out to be well founded.  He’s just not part of the group in any way anymore.  They may do some horrible things to Mitsuo, but at least they do things with him, you know?

I actually enjoyed this episode’s High School Girls are Funky bit.  I knew that brownhaired girl was a former bully, I knew they said she was monstrous, but I figured her monstrosity was in how strong she was.  I didn’t realize she was a psychopath.  I guess that explains some of the horrible things the Funky High School Girls have done, then.  They’re trying to give her an acceptable outlet for her monstrous impulses, so she doesn’t reawaken and destroy Japan.  If a High School Boy or two has to be sacrificed on her altar, I guess that’s a small price to pay.

Bonus Image Corner:

I have prepared a list, from Ahoge to Zettai Ryouiki.


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