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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Episode 10

In the previous episode of Daily Lives of Danshi Koukousei no High School Boys Nichijou, the character I originally thought was the main character, Tadakuni, did not even appear.  I guess I approve, because I never really figured out what his personality was, other than “protagonist”, and then it became clear he wasn’t even the protagonist.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t show up in episode 10 of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou either!

…thirty minutes pass…


His dreams have gotten larger since his birthday wish in episode 8.

I can’t say I thought much of this episode.  Maybe I haven’t been giving Tadakuni enough credit – the earlier episodes, in which he played a larger role, were better than these more recent episodes where he has hardly appeared at all.  I didn’t think he contributed much when he did appear, but perhaps I have been committing the fundamental error of comedy appreciation and not giving the straight man enough credit.  I’m sorry, Tadakuni.  Please come back, I love you.

I think my biggest problem with this episode was how low-brow a lot of the humor was.  Now, not everything has to be hypercomplex triply-embedded ironic wordplay.  I’m as much a fun-haver as anyone, I’ve been known to enjoy a LOLcat or two in my weaker moments.  I’m left cold, though, by the sort of toilet humor that made up the first part of the episode (and which is pictured above).   The fact that our bodies have all sort of gross stuff come out of them all the time isn’t funny, it’s just sad.  We need to hurry up and transfer our consciousnesses to gleaming metal-and-silicon robot bodies that run on fusion and excrete only nice clean iron.  Then maybe our anime can tell interesting jokes, instead of “don’t you hate it when there is someone in the bathroom when you need to go”.

There were a lot of pratfalls in this episode, too.  I don’t mind pratfalls so much, not as much as toilet humor at least. I’ll toss them an off-hand chuckle if they manage to surprise me.  But half the bits in this episode seemed to just be excuses to show the characters falling down over and over again.  Just off the top of my head, there was: Mitsuo gets cursed (and falls down a bunch), Motoharu tries to ride a bike (but instead falls down a lot), and there is a patch of ice on the ground (on which several people slip and fall).  I won’t count against them the scene in which they play the “daruma-san ga koronda” game (lit. “the daruma fell down”).

At least we got more Literary Girl this episode.   Her bits were, as usual, the bright spot in an otherwise weak episode.  She actually spoke to Hidenori this week!  Their romance is making progress! I’m excited, are you excited?  I’m excited.

Bonus Image Corner:

The height of comedy, I guess.




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