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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Episode 9

I forget what Danshi Koukousei was about.  There was something about Daily Lives, and I think High School Boys?  It’s been too long.  You’d think with only following two shows it would be easier to keep up with them, but what actually happens is that I fall out of the habit of watching anime.  Let’s get moving towards getting back on track with episode 9 of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.

…thirty minutes pass…

Heavens preserve us from noticing the common trends in our interpersonal relationships.

This was a decent enough episode, I guess.  It was pretty funny at the start, and then it sort of trailed off into oblivion at the end.  The “High School Girls Are Funky” segments are generally not as good because I don’t really like the characters, but this one was especially bad, because it didn’t seem to have any jokes in it.  It was just an account of how one of the girls used to be a bully, which we already knew, and how one of the other girls stopped her, which we already knew, and how she regrets her bullying past, which we had already been told but we had sort of doubted because the girls still kind of act like bullies toward the guys.  I guess it’s a pretty common thing, when you are forced to give up your evil ways, to claim a greater change of heart than you actually exhibit.  High School Girls Are Hypocrites (but then, so is everybody).

It really did start out well, though!  I liked the romantic trials of Hidenori and his older brother (pictured above). I was a little shocked to hear Hidenori respond to the country girl asking him if he had a girlfriend with “not at all”, though.  Sure, strictly speaking, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but surely he at least has an “It’s Complicated” with Literature Girl.  They’re so great together!  You might say, oh, well he’s glossing over that because he doesn’t want to miss his chance with this new girl, but this new girl is his cousin, which he considers a deal-breaker, so he has no real incentive to misrepresent his relationship status.  I hope this doesn’t mean he only sees Literature Girl as an occasional bothersome hanger-on.  Please don’t shatter my shipping 😦

I kinda wanted to slap Mitsuo when he was wondering why nobody mentioned that Hidenori’s glasses were on top of his head.  I wanted to shout, “Are you aware of the Anthropic Principle?”.  Yeah, if you aren’t aware of the Anthropic Principle, you get slapped.  What can I say, I practice tough love.  Anyway, Hidenori was wondering why nobody said anything, while himself not saying anything!  This can easily lead to a sort of social deadlock, where each person thinks something should be said, but is cautious because they don’t see why nobody has said anything yet, and there must be some reason behind it.  And the caution only grows over time, since they must have a really good reason for not saying anything for a long period of time.  And so nothing ever gets said and the world is destroyed.  Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  The US Department of Homeland Security said “If you see something, say something”.  I doubt these sorts of situations are what either of them had in mind, but their wisdom applies regardless.

Bonus Image Corner:

"It" being "this episode's High School Girls Are Funky".

So you attained a symbol of happiness and felt depressed and empty afterwards? Welcome to life, kid.

Haha, who even uses network cables anymore?



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