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Mirai Nikki – Episode 19

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, Yukiteru was attacked by a bunch of goons, apparently acting under the instructions of one of the other diary holders.  After they killed his father, he flipped out and killed them.  Now, as the saying goes, it’s personal.  Let’s watch Yukiteru finally go on the attack in episode 19 of Mirai Nikki.

…thirty minutes pass…

There's no reason to stop apologizing for all your actions just because you become a badass antihero.

Wow, Yukiteru’s ascent to man-of-action-hood was even more abrupt and total than I had expected.  There were a lot of things that were abrupt about this episode, actually.  I’ve complained about the rushed pacing of this show before, but this episode honestly should have been at least three episodes.  They weren’t just cutting slice-of-life characterization either (not that it’s ok to cut that).  At the end of one scene, Yukiteru says to Yuno, “we need to form an alliance with Eighth”, and at the start of the next he comments “I sure am glad that we formed an alliance with Eighth!”  Don’t you think that it might have been interesting to see how those negotiations played out? Don’t you think that Eighth and her family deserve a scene or two before their massacre?  Also, maybe I missed something, but Eleventh seemed to think Yukiteru had infiltrated City Hall somehow?  I would have liked to have seen how he did that, I wouldn’t figure Yukiteru could infiltrate a wet paper bag.  And then some scenes that they did show were pretty perfunctory, like Minene’s meeting with the cop where every sentence was calculated for maximum plot advancement and they weren’t given any time to play out their characters.

But with that large caveat, I enjoyed this episode.  I’ve been wanting all series long for Yukiteru to stand up and start playing to win, and so I’m thrilled to see him do things like coldheartedly shoot his allies in the back. Even if it is Yuno putting him up to it.  I guess I don’t understand why Yuno is making Yukiteru pretend to be a genius supervillain with a pink-haired beauty hanging off his arm instead of just playing the role of supervillain herself.  Yukiteru pulls it off pretty well, but why bother with the deception?  Surely it just puts Yukiteru at risk by making him a larger target?  I guess the advantage of pretending Yukiteru was the leader was that it fooled Eighth into thinking she could keep tabs on the leader. (The “Copy Diary”?  Why do writers of superhero stories ever think it’s a good idea to let one of their superheroes have the power of “copy any other superhero’s power”?  It’s absurdly busted, even if it didn’t turn out well for the dude in this particular case.)

At the end of the episode, a bombshell was dropped.  Apparently the third corpse in Gasai Yuno’s backyard was, drumroll… Gasai Yuno?!?  Everybody is acting shocked at this revelation, Gasai Yuno in particular is acting like it’s the end of the world now that Yukiteru found out about it.  Personally I don’t see what the big fuss is.  First of all, DNA matching is not 100% accurate.  But this is TV land, where “oops the lab tech screwed up and contaminated the sample” is not considered narratively acceptable, so let’s assume that the DNA of the skeleton is the same as the DNA of the Gasai Yuno from the orphanage (who I will henceforth refer to as True Yuno).  OK, so what?  So that means that at some point True Yuno died and Yuno took over her life.  Maybe Yuno murdered her?  Again, so what?  I mean, yes, murder is wrong, but Yuno’s murderous disposition really should not be a surprise to anyone at this point.  I have a battery of screenshots I could have given them and saved them the trouble of the DNA test.  If you have put up with her murders and attempted murders and lockings of you in a rape dungeon up to this point, why should one more body tip the balance?

For all intents and purposes Yuno is the real Yuno, anyway.  We don’t know exactly when True Yuno was replaced by Yuno, but given that Yuno is a diary holder and the life of the diary = the life of the holder, it must have been before the game started.  But before the game started, Yukiteru hadn’t really spent much time with Yuno/True Yuno.  Ok, there was that childish promise of marriage, if the murder happened after that then I guess that’s an important shared memory that turns out to be false.  But compare the importance of that to the countless times they’ve fought side-by-side, protecting one another. They’ve been practically joined at the hip since the game started, and we know that’s all been Yuno. Almost everything Yukiteru thinks of Yuno as being is actually Yuno, not True Yuno.  So, I’ll say again, so what?

Maybe the issue is her motives?  It’s hard to see what her motives for taking over True Yuno’s life would be.  Maybe she was a stalker of Yukiteru’s, and she saw Yukiteru promise to marry True Yuno, and she was like, nope, he’s going to marry me and killed her and then, I dunno, dyed her hair pink?  I can imagine Yukiteru being a little dismayed to discover that.  It doesn’t make sense with what we know of Yuno’s home life, though.  True Yuno’s parents would surely notice something amiss if their daughter was replaced.  Maybe what we “know” of Yuno’s home life is unreliable narration?  Maybe they did notice something amiss, and she silenced them, and she concocted a delusion that they were abusive at the same time she concocted a delusion that she was actually True Yuno.

Of course this all assumes Yuno isn’t really True Yuno.  The corpse might be her twin sister, or a clone or something.  If we can have five-year-olds setting up poison gas traps surely we can have human cloning technology.  Maybe Yuno’s rich banker parents decided to clone themselves a daughter that they could get right this time?  This theory doesn’t actually explain much as it stands, but I figured I’d mention it for completeness.

Bonus Image Corner:

For once I can agree with her.


This is what Yuno looks like when she's off the leash.

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

The DNA thing wouldn't have been a big deal if you didn't get all crazyface over it.


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