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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Episode 7

Last episode on Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, aka Daily Lives of High School Boys, aka Watch Naruto Episodes Free Online, aka Hottest Celebrity Photographs, the high school girls were being really mean to the high school boys.  Some of the girls are clearly intended to be acting as antagonists, like the characters from the High School Girls are Funky segment.  But Ringo, at least, they seem to want me to empathize with and care about, but they have her responding violently to imagined insults.  This isn’t the bad old days of anime, where a tsundere would show how tsundere she was by pulling a hammer out of thin air and flattening the male lead.  These days, biting sarcastic remarks are the style; it’s the more civilized method.  Ringo is distinctly uncivilized, and yet Ringo is actually one of the nicer girls in the show!  Maybe Tadakuni’s little sister is nicer?  She responds violently to people stealing her underwear, but that’s sort of understandable and not incompatible with a civilized society.  Let’s hope we see more of her in episode 7 of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.

…thirty minutes pass…

They shouldn't have to be, man. They shouldn't have to be.

This episode was mostly focused on the titular high school boys again, which I was glad to see.  They got to go on imaginary adventures, fill out class surveys, and reminisce about their shared history.  I think it’s a little sad that their imaginary adventures are just them playing imaginary videogames, and I think it’s even sadder that the imaginary videogame they would choose would be Dragon Quest of all things, but as long as they’re enjoying themselves, that’s what’s important.  Enjoying themselves not at the expense of others, that is.  They said some mean things about Mitsuo, gossiping behind his back and in front of his front.  I might grow to have less sympathy for them when the girls bully them if they keep this up.

So it seems like they’ve made the show’s theme very explicit in this episode.  Yoshitake’s older sister called out Tadakuni’s older brother for putting up a front and pretending to be something he wasn’t, explicitly asking why he felt like he had to put on a show for others around him.  And then Hidenori praised the literary girl, in his mind at least, for being so open, so unafraid to appear to have failed, to show her “lame side”.  Of course there was some irony there, as every time the two of them meet he tries to put on a brooding romantic show for her.  I guess then the mean things they said to Mitsuo were just them being open, and not putting on a show of not thinking he’s an idiot?  That’s the trouble with honesty.  Before you can be honest about your opinions, you have to make sure your honest opinions aren’t unkind, or heretical, or arrogant, or otherwise socially deprecated.  It’s easier just to cheat by lying.

Apparently they can’t decide on a good abbreviation for Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou?  I’ve tried out a few candidates, and I think I like Dan Shinichi the best.  Yeah, I know that “Danshi” is actually three morae and a proper abbreviation would only take “Dan”, and yeah I know that the name “Shinichi” actually tokenizes as “shin”+”ichi”, with a syllable-final “n” and “shi”+”nichi” is actually structurally a completely different word.  Those things only serve to make it a better abbreviation, by making it “ironic”!

Bonus Image Corner:

Why did he even have a live crab lying around?


It bugs me when I find a screencap that would be a sick burn except I actually liked the episode in question.


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