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Mirai Nikki – Episode 18

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, Yukiteru defeated Seventh and escaped the crumbling tower, only to discover that while he was busy playing his silly survival game, his mother had been murdered.  I wonder how he’ll react in episode 18 of Mirai Nikki?

…thirty minutes pass…


Crazyface Yukiteru

So, the death of his mom wasn’t enough, but with the death of his dad, too, Yukiteru has finally decided to get his head in the game and start playing for real.  He was acting like Yuno, he just went nuts on those thugs.  I guess now he has in common with Yuno a lack of parents, and the death of both parents is a leading cause of juvenile batmanism.  So we’re into the endgame now.  Yukiteru has finally realized that, hey, the powers of a God might actually be a useful thing to have, now that two people he actually knew died, instead of merely hundreds of thousands of strangers every day.  So who’s left?  Yuno he gets for free, as that adorable sequence between the two of them showed.  (Nothing more romantic than offering up your neck to your lover’s knife.)  Minene he thinks he gets for free because she lets her guard down around him, but she has a diary, so she’ll be warned in advance if he decides to try something.  Minene will probably be tougher than he plans on.  Still, he’s beaten her before, no reason to think he couldn’t do it again.  He thinks he knows where the server for Eighth is, but so did the police?  And they were wrong?  Would have been nice to have asked his dad some probing questions before he died, but he was too caught up in the death of his mom.  And then Eleventh is supposedly making his move, and we’ll have to see what that entails.

We also got some Yuno backstory.   It’s nothing too surprising – she was being abused, so she killed her parents, and if she wasn’t already nutty from the abuse, the enormity of her actions did it.  We still don’t know the whole story, though.  There’s a third body, and Yuno’s evasive about its identity.  Just someone who pried a little too much?  It can’t be one of her old boyfriends, she’s been fixed on Yukiteru since her parents died.  Someone who wasn’t as smart as Moe and didn’t reject Yukiteru’s advances?  Oh goodness.  In the flashback, Yukiteru was a lot more outgoing and friendly than in the series proper.  Maybe Yuno has been driving people away from him all this time, cleverly disguised in a variety of animal outfits!  It’s not Yukiteru’s fault he’s not popular, it’s Yuno!  Why would we think that Hinata’s the first romantic interest of Yukiteru’s that Yuno’s attacked?

(Side note – I was shocked at the way Yukiteru’s dad talked about seeing the stars with him after he got out of prison, but then I remembered that Japan is a civilized country with reasonable prison terms and it’s only in the US that they’ll lock a man in his 30s away for most of the rest of his life because of a crime of passion.)

Bonus Image Corner:


I guess she knows he won't kill her, or her diary would have mentioned it.

Crazyface costume!


Am I the only one a little offput by how similar Yukiteru's crush looks to his mom?


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