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Mouretsu Pirates – Episode 4

The last episode of Mouretsu Pirates was pretty slow and not very enthralling.  The show has had pacing problems for a while now; there is only so long the promise of a cute girl in a pirate hat will be able to keep me strung along.  Now that the characters are all in space, hopefully things will start picking up.  If not, episode 4 of Mouretsu Pirates might be the last one I watch.

…thirty minutes pass…

It's not like there's an absolute right or left on a planet's surface, either.

So, I’m gonna drop this show.  I know I’m not following very much from this season, but maybe I would be following more if whenever I thought about watching anime I didn’t instinctively flinch at the idea of watching more Mouretsu Pirates.  It’s a shame, too, because I like almost every aspect of the show.  The characters are fun, the character designs and general animation are high quality, and the setting seems interesting.  But the plot just drags and drags and drags and nothing happens.  Bad pacing kills shows. The yacht club started preparing for a flight in episode 2 and they noticed an irregularity like maybe there was an enemy lurking somewhere.  At the end of episode 4, where are we?  We’re still preparing to fight against this lurking enemy, after two full episodes of dancing around the subject.

I guess a similar thing happened in Fate/Zero, where they set up a confrontation and then six damn episodes later they went on hiatus right before actually playing it out, the fuckers.  But Fate/Zero can get away with it because Fate/Zero is amazing at everything but pacing, rather than just competent like Mouretsu Pirates is.  And in Fate/Zero, at least when they delayed the confrontation, they did other things, like the Holy Grail Dialogue, rather than just slowly inching towards it while talking about radar and cafeterias.

I’ll miss Marika’s positive attitude and her determination.  I would have loved to have seen how they served her as a pirate captain.  The best part of this episode was when she was vigorously initiating active radar scans by slamming her fist on a big red button on her touchscreen.  I liked that part!  If there were like, seven of those sorts of bits per episode, instead of one or two, I would definitely keep watching.  But I’m spending far too long waiting for the next interesting thing to happen while I’m watching this show.

Bonus Image Corner:


The aforementioned "punchscreen" interface.


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