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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Episode 3

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, aka Daily Lives of High School Boys, aka DKN,  aka Detroit Kettle kNitty has been pretty good so far.  It might have the dubious honor of being my favorite show of this season if I never get around to watching Nisemonogatari.  I had planned to watch Nisemonogatari this season, but I thought I should rewatch Bakemonogatari first, and it turns out that Bakemonogatari is really good and I have been wanting to savor each delicious episode?  Episode 12, especially, is the best episode of anime since season 1 of Haruhi.  Anyway, I’ll start posting about Nisemonogatari… sometime, maybe.  For now, let’s watch episode 3 of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.

…thirty minutes pass…

But somebody already said the Kenyan president!

This episode was maybe a bit too laid-back.  The summer vacation bits really didn’t have much of anything going for them, except maybe the fourth-wall breaking discussion of how silly it was to air a summer vacation episode in the middle of January.  And even then, the temperature outside was in like the mid 50s today.  Maybe not exactly bikini weather, but if you wanted to you could pretend it was a freakishly cold June instead of a freakishly warm January, so even that bit, which I thought was sort of clever on its merits, didn’t really work.  Plus, there was an insert song, ugh. I guess you could argue that the summer vacation bits are supposed to be boring, just like summer vacation is boring for high school boys and all the interesting parts of your life happen during the school year, and all of the activities you had planned to do over the summer that you thought would bring you happiness amount to nothing more than a clip show over which an insert song plays. But probably they didn’t put quite as much thought as that into it.

I did really enjoy the bit with Hidenori and the girl on the train, though.  My god, I would listen to Kyon’s voice actor do an internal monologue for hours.  Hidenori is no Kyon, he’s not quite as sardonic or as prone to runon sentences, but he has his own charms.  He gives serious thought as to how to deal with girls socially, which is adorable.  He did this with the writer girl, too, in the first episode, sitting there trying to think of how to deal with her intense fangirl stare.  Although, he sure blurted out some thoughtless things to Tadakuni’s sister when they were stealing her panties.  That time he could have stood to have thought a little more before he spoke.

I guess they are just going to have some weird nonsense at the end of every episode?  This time it was a genderswapped version of a scene from the first episode.  Hey, I love exploring society’s unconscious sexism and gender role prejudices through the medium of genderswapped anime.  I think there was at one point a semi-serious effort to do a scene-by-scene genderswap of Haruhi.  The female Kyon was pretty amazing, but all the instances where Haruhi beats up on Kyon went from “funny” to “awful”.  Makes you think.

Bonus Image Corner:

Biting social commentary.


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