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Monday Anime Music Interlude – Yukko no Gag Hyaku Renpatsu

Listen to the cool track featured above!  There used to be a DDL link in the Youtube description, but I guess the forces of government oppression have shut down Megaupload forever.  We’ll see how long the Youtube link stays functional.

This song is off of the character album for Aioi Yukko from the anime Nichijou.  Specifically, it references and extends upon one particular scene in Nichijou in which Yukko, the “class clown” type character, tries telling her friends a pun, but they do not show any reaction, and continue to do such even as her comedic efforts escalate.  The song consists of a bunch of puns in rapid succession (the title claims there are a hundred, I’m not sure I believe it but don’t intend to count) alternating with impassioned pleas for her friends to laugh or smile or show some kind of reaction to the gags she spend all night coming up with.

I guess I sort of identify with Yukko in this song.  This year at Christmas, my young cousin told me that I was not funny like my brother.  I told her I liked to believe I just had a more subtle sense of humor, but it still sort of hurt my feelings.  I tell lots of great jokes!  Consider the following: two groups of waterfowl walk into a bar. The third one ducks.

I also identify with Yukko’s love of puns.  Unfortunately I only understand maybe a third of the puns in the song, but they mostly seem to be puns playing on one native Japanese word that sounds like a foreign loanword.  There’s one that plays on two foreign loanwords that sound alike, though, which is translatable: “My tire got a flat, so I had to retire”.  That might give you an idea of the quality of the rest of the puns.  But, you know, the worse a pun is, the better it is!  The same goes for music, which is why I enjoy the denpa genre and crave as many anime character albums as I can get my hands on.


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