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Mirai Nikki – Episode 14

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, Boy Detective Akise Aru and his trusty sidekicks Hinata, Mao, and the bully whose name I don’t recall tracked the fugitive Gasai Yuno and her captive to an abandoned hotel.  Unfortunately, Yuno is a criminal mastermind, and was waiting for them with a series of deadly traps.  She’s already captured Hinata, and the other three are trapped in a room that’s quickly filling with gas.  Can  Akise Aru and his friends solve the Mystery of How Not To Die In The Basement Of An Abandoned Hotel?  Let’s find out in episode 14 of Mirai Nikki.

…thirty minutes pass…

Where the *heck* was she hiding that crossbow.

So the solution to the Mystery was to have Kousaka suddenly become a diary-holder, that’s a little unsatisfying.  Except, all the Future Diary does is predict the future, so for it to predict he would escape he must not have needed it to escape.  Probably in the original timeline Akise remained calm and composed in the face of danger and eventually figured out to sneak out the vents.  Kousaka was just piggybacking on his genius.

So I wonder what the deal with Kousaka’s new diary is?  The Holy Grail sees that there are still people willing to fight and transfers its Command Spells to a new candidate?  The email he got  called him an “apprentice”.  The Murumuru side diary seemed to imply that he got his diary as a reward for walking in on Murumuru in the bath, but I’m guessing that Murumuru side diaries are Not Canon.  (Except then where did Mao get her waterproof cellphone?) The chick with the big head seemed to know what was going on in Kousaka’s diary, and she could order other “apprentices” around.  Is there some sort of conspiracy going on?  Some sort of alliance that worked out better than the Future Diary Alliance, and into which Kousaka has been inducted as a spy?  However, prior to this episode, there were only three diary holders whose identity was unknown.  Kousaka plus the three apprentices they sent to protect him makes four.  If we assume Kousaka is a thirteenth diary holder as a special gift from Murumuru, the math would work out, but when the girl said that she sent “three apprentices” after him, that would seem to give rise to an implicature that there are in total more than three apprentices.  And then she specified them by name, which again would make little sense if they were all the apprentices there were.  So it’s a puzzle.

Leaving Kousaka aside, this was a really sad episode.  I was almost as devastated as Yuno was (pictured below) when Yukiteru told her to fuck off.  All she wanted to do was protect the person she loved!  She even built him a mighty fortress, and a chair with restraints so he didn’t thrash about and accidentally hurt himself.  And then he just walked out on her?  How ungrateful can you get?  This seems to squash all my hopes of Yuno being redeemed through the power of love.  If she had been convinced to release Yukiteru, there might have been a chance that he would see her as savable, but since he escaped on his own initiative, the best we can hope for is for her to follow him Gollum-like for the rest of his quest, and then die saving his life and Yukiteru cries about it because he’ll never find anyone who will love him as much as long as he lives.

Ok, back to Kousaka.  Yuno says his diary is weak, because it only shows him his successes.  She’ll never be able to protect her beloved Yukiteru if she’s that foolish.  Has she never heard of negative evidence?  All Kousaka needs to do to see his failures is to look for the things he intends to do and if they’re not in his diary, he probably didn’t achieve his goals.  That doesn’t help him out against surprise attacks, I guess.  Maybe he needs to take pride in his alertness, such that he constantly updates his diary with “Nobody managed to get the jump on me in the past ten minutes!  I’m so brilliant!”  Although, probably the diary’s behavior is fixed at the start of the game.  Yukiteru has gotten a lot more self-confident over the course of the game (confident enough to tell Yuno to go fuck herself!), but we haven’t seen any evidence that his diary entries are becoming more self-centered.

Bonus Image Corner:

My face when Yuno's face when Yukiteru wrote her off like a bad mortgage.

My face whenever I make a post.


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