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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Episode 2

Last episode on Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou aka Daily Lives of High School Boys aka DanshiNichi aka Dan Shinichi, nothing of much consequence happened.  Seems as though this show is going to be a series of unrelated shorts, much like Ika Musume and my summer wardrobe.  I liked Ika Musume, and I’ve liked Dan Shinichi so far, but I’d feel a little better if we at least got some secondary characters to recur.  Let’s see if the writer chick or the virgin power guy show up in episode 2 of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.

…thirty minutes pass…

You can tell the show is good if it has a solid vegetable slicing scene in its second episode.

This show is actually turning out really well, and it’s hard for me to identify why.  It doesn’t really have many jokes, although the jokes it does have are sometimes pretty good. It doesn’t really have much in the way of characters, although the characters it has are getting more solidified, with the punk and the nerd falling more definitively into their roles and some of the secondary characters coming back.  The protagonist is still just characterized as “the protagonist”, though – even in their impromptu RPG playacting, it was he who was the hero.

I guess I’m enjoying it more on the level of a slice-of-life show than as a comedy per se.  It has the power to make me nostalgic for my own days as a Japanese high-schooler working part-time delivering pizzas and unwinding by stealing my little sister’s underwear.  Which is impressive, I guess, given that I’m not Japanese, didn’t work during high school, and don’t have a sister.  But at least in Dan Shinichi the characters are male.  The show Piano had me pining for my youth as a middle-school girl learning to play the titular piano, which is perhaps more impressive.  But then, this show is making me nostalgically remember Piano, so it’s strictly better, isn’t it?

I have no idea what was up with the bit at the end, the Daily Life of a ~*Lady*~.  It didn’t seem to fit the tone of the show or the characters at all.  It would have been more appropriate in a gag-comedy, but in the slice-of-life with comedy elements that the rest of this episode seemed to be, it stood out.  I guess they just wanted an opportunity to draw a pink-haired ojou-sama?  I shan’t begrudge them that.

The ED was perhaps the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of humanity.  I think of myself as someone who likes ironically bad anime music, because hey, at least it’s not boring!  But this was awful.  They should have kept the previous episode’s ED.

Bonus Image Corner:

Sometimes, a man must wear panties like a hat.

The aforementioned pink-haired ojou-sama.


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