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Mouretsu Pirates – Episode 2

The last episode of Mouretsu Pirates ended on a cliff-hanger, with the pirate heiress fleeing the maid cafe where she worked in a hail of gunfire.  Fleeing in gunfire, that is; she did not habitually work in gunfire.  Perhaps if she had she might have been more suited for the job of pirate captain?  Apparently she can fly a ship pretty well, but I think pirate captains usually have a guy to do that for them.  The pirate captain’s job is to lead the other pirates in battle fearlessly, and look good in a hat with skull and crossbones on it.  Let’s hope she finally gets her hat in episode 2 of Mouretsu Pirates.

…thirty minutes pass…

I don't know that a skirt is really appropriate as zero-g attire.

A cool episode, although she still hasn’t acquired a pirate hat.  She got cool tinted safety glasses, though (pictured below), that counts for something.  There’s nothing more stylish than appropriate protective gear for the hazards in your workplace or hobby!  Appropriate workplace protective gear for a pirate is probably, like, a suit of power armor, though.  Or an armored pirate ship.  Or a different job where you don’t threaten people with weapons for a living.  Although as they mentioned, sometimes the best defense is an offense so good that the enemy gives up without a fight, so I guess maybe that laser carbine that could pierce tank armor counts.

I was impressed that they mentioned how Marika’s piloting abilities weren’t relevant to captaining a pirate ship.  One of the best predictors of whether or not I’ll enjoy a show like this is if they answer my objections as I raise them.  It shows that they’ve actually put some thought into creating a consistent world, rather than just slapping together a few descriptors like “schoolgirl” and “pirate” and “spaceship” and then sitting back and raking in the DVD profits.

Bravery is the most important thing in a pirate captain, and she’s certainly showing it now.  Unfortunately I think her bravery is tending toward stupidity.  The blackhaired chick is basically correct – cyberwarfare is not something for amateurs to play at.  If you really need your computer to be uncompromised (and if you’re going out into space, you really need your computer to be uncompromised), the safest thing to do when you notice you’re under attack is to immediately disconnect from the network, wipe everything, and reinstall.  You can’t take the chance that you’ll miss something that will lurk in the depths of your computer, waiting to open the airlocks the moment you leave the atmosphere.

I remain impressed by the portrayal of technology in this show.  This episode, it was Marika’s bag, which slotted into the front of her bicycle and automatically retracted its carrying strap for easy transport.  There’s nothing especially futuristic about that – we could do it with today’s technology.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that someone, somewhere, is doing it, in fact.  But it’s certainly not the norm, and so when I saw it, even though it was a minor thing, it really drove home the point that these people are are different from us, living in a better, more convenient world.

Bonus image corner:

Eye protection is sexy.



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