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Mouretsu Pirates – Episode 1

I’ve already watched this show, I watched it while I was visiting my parents and not eager to blog about stuff. So I’ll wait here while you go watch episode 1 of Mouretsu Pirates, and then we can talk about it.

…thirty minutes pass…

A vision of a grim dystopia where automation has caused a collapse in the wages of labor.

Mouretsu Pirates is about a high school girl in a science fiction future with holographic touchscreens and robot waitresses (exception proving the rule pictured above) who discovers that she is heiress to the captaincy of a space pirate ship.  The job apparently comes with a really sweet pirate hat. It was mostly promo pictures of her in a pirate hat that induced me to try this show in the first place, but the first episode was mostly introduction to the premise and so she hasn’t had the opportunity to don it yet.  They get one more episode of grace period, but if she isn’t swabbing decks and plundering booty by the end of episode two I’m sounding the Madoka Magica alarm and never looking back. Oh, man, there’s even a mysterious blackhaired chick that transferred into her class and is following her around but won’t tell her why!  Things are looking worse and worse all the time.

I guess the current driver of the action is that, due to historical political nonsense that was alluded to in a cool Legend-of-Galactic-Heroes-style documentary narration, the pirate ship she inherited has a license to freeboot that can only be transferred along familial lines.  So that’s why they are trying to make a high school girl who works part-time at a maid cafe into a pirate captain, but it also means that people who don’t want legal buccaneering going on are trying to kill her.  It’s a standard wish-fulfilment sort of setup.  The smart thing for her to do would be to hurry up and pump out a baby and lock it away somewhere safe, to remove the incentive to kill her. Or, if they killed her anyway, we would get a show about a space pirate captain baby, which would be awesome.

It’s really hard to judge this show yet.  It’s well put-together, and had a lot of cute little touches, like the Future Search Engine the protagonist used to search for pirates that popped up a bunch of floating pictures including a comical picture of a pirate duck.  But this is by the same studio that did Macross Frontier, another show that was well put-together and had cute touches, but which I dropped after a dozen episodes because there was just nothing at the core of it to excite me.  At least I got a bunch of cool music to listen to out of Macross Frontier, if the main plot of Mouretsu Pirates turns out to be uninteresting I’ll be left with nothing except memories of how cool that hat was.  I’ll keep holding out hope, though, and give them another episode to get in the swing of things before I judge.


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