A thoughtful response to current anime.

Winter Anime Season 2012 – More Like Lose-ter Anime Season 2012, Amirite

A new season of anime is upon us.  Winter seasons are usually pretty bad, and this one doesn’t look like it will be an exception, but the only show continuing from last season is Mirai Nikki, so let’s see if we can’t find something worth watching in this mess.  I’m using moetron’s excellent chart as a reference.  Discarding the webshorts and manga bonus OVAs and whatnot, here’s what we have… (All translations my own and untrustworthy)

Kill Me Baby: This looked sort of interesting, a gag comedy about the everyday life of a trained killer high school girl.  Sort of like the good bits of Full Metal Panic. I already watched the first episode, though (detailed report to come), and it wasn’t really very well-produced.  Weak No Watch.

High School DxD:  Looks like a supernatural fanservice comedy.  Those can be OK, but I find the supernatural and fanservice elements tend to get in the way of the comedy.  Weak No Watch.

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear (Splendid War Princess Symphogear) : Action series replete with Capitalized Noun Phrases.  It’s kind of funny that their enemy is called “DAD Noise”, maybe this show will be a psychological exploration of these two fighting singing idols’ father issues?  No, it will just be bad.  Strong No Watch.

Area no Kishi (Knight of the Area): Soccer anime!  It says football in the above link, but don’t believe them, it’s soccer.  I watched the real football anime, Eyeshield 21, back when, but I never finished it because it was full of dumb filler.  That experience has not left me hungry for more sports anime.  Weak No Watch.

Nisemonogatari (Counterfeit Legend): I guess Bakemonogatari made a zillion dollars for Shaft?  Well, they deserve it.  Here’s hoping that the money they got from that and Madoka means that they boost the production values on Nisemonogatari, the middle of Bakemonogatari was a little undercooked. Strong Watch.

Mouretsu Pirates (Gung-ho Pirates): It was based on a novel and had a chick in a school uniform and a pirate hat, so I gave it a watch not really expecting too much.  Detailed report to come, but it seemed decent, at least enough to keep watching and see how things pan out.  Weak Watch.

Brave10: An action anime set in the Sengoku era with samurai and ninjas and stuff?  Could be fun.  It might end up depending too much on an understanding of Japanese history, though; I don’t have any familiarity with the legend of which this is supposed to be a retelling.  Weak Watch.

Rinne no Lagrange: Some mecha show with a little too much emphasis on the skimpy mecha-pilot outfits worn by the heroines.  If you’re not subtle about that sort of thing, there’s no point!  It’s by Xebec, which is possibly the worst major animation studio?  Strong No Watch.

Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting That Summer): It says it’s an “adolescent romantic comedy”, does that mean it’s a romantic comedy about adolescents, or a romantic comedy targeted at adolescents?  Either way, I’ve seen plenty of those.  There’s really nothing here to tell me one way or the other whether I’ll enjoy this.  Hold.

Another: A horror anime?  Looks like exactly the sort of horror anime I don’t like, though.  A horror anime about creepy ghosts that sort of float around indistinctly and you’re like, oh no, it’s something I don’t understand.  The horror I like is horror about things you do understand, you just understand that they’re horrible.  It looks like it has high production values, though, so I might give it a shot anyway.  Hold.

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Kimi to Boku was a disappointment last season, but I still hold out hope for a male version of the four-girl slice-of-life shows I enjoy.  I’m not sure if Sunrise is the studio I’d expect to do that sort of show well, though.  Weak Watch.

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai (Listen to What Papa Says): Looks like pedophile nonsense.  Strong No Watch.

Inu x Boku SS (Dog x Me SS): It sounded sort of interesting, kind of like a version of Kurenai except with an older ojousama being protected, until I got to the bit about the guy who is a rescued fox spirit.  People aren’t foxes!  People are people!  Foxes are foxes!  Don’t make your characters fox people, it makes your show seem ridiculous. Weak No Watch.

Gokujyou (The Best): I like silly comedies, but “slightly risqué” sounds slightly risky. I’m not a prude or anything, but there is an awful tendency for people who write comedy to treat innuendo as funny in itself, rather than as something that can be used to make a joke.  Sex isn’t a punchline unless you have set things up such that sex is clever and unexpected. Weak No Watch.

Black Rock Shooter: I can’t find much information on this.  I guess it’s based off a Hatsune Miku music video?  It seems like they’re trying to play pretty heavily on the character design of the titular Black Rock Shooter to sell the show, and while good character design is great, it has to have a show to go with it.  Weak No Watch.

So in addition to Mirai Nikki that carried over from last season, I have  Mouretsu Pirates, Nisemonogatari, Brave10, and Daily Lives of High School Boys to watch, and maybe Another and Ano Natsu de Matteru. And we’ll see if I hear good things about any of the other shows!  Please let me know if I’m making a big mistake ignoring any one of them.


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