A thoughtful response to current anime.

Anime, Digested – Fate/Zero 13, Mirai Nikki 11-12, Haganai 12, Ika Musume 10-12

I watched some anime!  Here’s my thoughts:

Fate/Zero 13: It was a cool episode, but come on.  There’s no excuse for hyping the audience up for an epic confrontation against a Horror from the Deep and then saying, “oh, by the way, the show’s on hiatus now, look forward to spring”.  This is the battle we’ve been building towards for the past six or seven episodes, and they’re dangling it out of our reach.  This is going to be the worst case of anime blueballs since Haruhi Season 2.  They set the confrontation up six episodes ago and they’ve been stalling ever since!  I figured they were stalling because wanted a climactic battle to end the season on, I didn’t realize they wanted a climactic battle to end the season right before.

Mirai Nikki 11-12: That’s the end of Kurusu, I guess.  I had higher hopes for him than that.  He seemed like the sort of responsible adult supervision that Yuno and Yukiteru could profit from.  I wonder if Akise Aru will step into that role now?  I’m sure he’d like to think he fits that role, but he’s asking unpleasant questions about Yuno, which is unlikely to endear him to the pair.  Yuno, of course, is liable to take the first opportunity she gets to shut him up permanently and add him to her bag of corpses, but I feel like even Yukiteru wouldn’t be too interested in hearing what he has to say.  He defeated Kurusu with the ~★♥power of love♥ ★~, that’s a sign that he’s made his choice.  He’s going to go see the stars with his pink-haired future wife, and he’s just not going to think about how she’s a crazy stalker who murders people.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 12: Your standard harem anime non-ending.  They want to end their season with some sort of climactic plot event, but they can’t actually change anything for fear that the harem setting will fall apart and they won’t get to make a second season, so you end up with these big events that just sort of sputter and fall flat because they have to maintain the status quo. So Kodaka realized that Yozora was his childhood friend, but they agree to keep it secret from everyone and it’s not like they are going to treat each other differently or call each other by old nicknames.  The only real effect is that Yozora’s hair got shorter.  I guess in this show they have an excuse for the non-ending: Yozora’s pride won’t let her accept anything good that happens to her if it’s not completely on her own terms.  Kodaka didn’t immediately recognize her, so to hell with him.

Ika Musume 2 10-12: Ika Musume’s still cute.  Over the course of these three episodes we got to see her in her winter outfit, her with short hair (tentacles), and her with braided hair (tentacles) in a yukata.  The bits were funny enough, nothing really outstanding.  The final storyline with Ika Musume at the festival sad because nobody would ever love her was sort of overshadowed by Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’s storyline with Yozora at the festival sad because nobody would ever love her.  Yozora does a much better job with it, it just seems out of character for Ika.


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