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Mirai Nikki – Episode 10

The last episode of Mirai Nikki ended with the enemy diary holder, the old scheming doglord, being shot to death by Kurusu.  Before he died, he said some things which heavily implied that Kurusu was a bad guy who was only pretending to be nice.  To be fair, he may just have been being a dick to the guy who was about to murder him, trying to stir up discord in the Future Diary Alliance.  He may have just decided to troll as many people as possible on his way out, which is an admirable ambition.  Certainly, I can’t see his parting words to his daughter in any other light.  He claimed to be using her as a pawn for his own ambitions, but if that were true, why was he trying to get permission from Deus to transfer ownership of the diary to her?  That would leave her in the position of becoming God after victory, not him.  On the other hand, Kurusu has clearly been doing a lot of plotting and hasn’t really been sharing information on an equal basis with Yukiteru and Yuno.  And this is a survival game.  In the end, only one of them can win.  Let’s see if episode 10 of Mirai Nikki spells the end of the Future Diary Alliance.

…thirty minutes pass…

Not a dream! Not an imaginary story!

So he is betraying them, but for some reason they thought it was good pacing to put an episode of filler between “hey look out he’s going to betray you” and “mwahaha I am betraying you”.  We’ll have to wait until next time to see how things turn out with the arrest warrants on them and Minene’s bag of bombs.  My guess is: not well!  Yuno will flip the fuck out if anybody but her tries to handcuff her beloved Yukkii.

This was a poorly timed filler episode, I thought, but it wasn’t poorly made.  We actually got an explanation for why noted international terrorist Uryuu Minene was dressed in twintails and a gothic lolita outfit when she attacked the school!  Now they just need to explain how a five-year-old rigged up a complex poison gas trap, and how some random serial-killer schoolteacher got his hands on grenade-proof armor, and I can go back to suspending my disbelief.

It’s kind of neat how they made Third out to be this unstoppable Terminator-like threat when Minene and that cop were facing him down, when he went down like a chump against Yukiteru and Yuno.  I mean, they are the greatest combo ever (except Akise and Yukiteru <3), but it’s not like they used any information they got from their diaries about his armor to know that they had to hit his weak point.  They just hit his weak point because he was weak there.  I guess using a simple method to accomplish something impressive far outshines using a complex method to achieve the same thing.

I wonder what the heck Akise is up to.  I mean, he’s a boy detective, so I guess he’s detecting, but setting Yuno up on a date with Yukiteru so he can ransack her house while she’s out seems overenthusiastic. What were you expecting to find, a closet full of skeletons?  Ahahahaha.

So Yuno has started gaslighting Yukiteru.  That’s cool, it’s nice to see that their pathological relationship has been pathologically progressing since they made it official.  It’s also cool that Akise is helping it along by sending the two of them off on dates and having them participate in mock weddings (considered torture under international law).  The one thing I don’t get, though, is the big pit.  I mean, that would be a good place to hide a room full of corpses, but only if you put the dirt back in, after putting the corpses in.  I don’t see what the point is in having it empty.  I guess sometimes you get caught up in the moment of digging graves for your murder victims, and then once you’re ten feet deep and ready to start dragging the bodies, you realize you could just dissolve them in acid instead and feel really foolish.  We’ve all been there.


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