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Ika Musume 2 – Episode 8

Ika Musume is adorable, and her attempts to conquer the world are simple but enjoyable.  Isn’t it about time we watched episode 8 of season 2 of Ika Musume?

…thirty minutes pass…

You can come live with me, Ika-chan ❤

Pretty good episode! A lot better than I would have expected an episode with so much Sanae in it to be.  Maybe I’ve been unfair to the poor crazy stalker, she’s not really much worse than any of the other minor characters.  She just wants to dress Ika Musume up in cute outfits, and I think we can all empathize with that.

The first part of the episode, with the burglar, was maybe a little heavier than I’m used to from Ika Musume.  I mean, burglary is a crime, and they were talking about home invasions and hostage-taking and stuff.  I guess there wasn’t any real tension, since Ika Musume’s tentacles are strong enough to lift fridges, and Chizuru is strong enough to beat Ika Musume in a fight, and since this is Japan it’s not like some random burglar is going to be packing heat.  But that’s all justification after the fact.  In the heat of the moment, burglars are scary!  They come in your house even though they are not welcome!  Even vampires don’t do that!  So it was a great relief when Sanae saved the day.  Ika Musume is learning, just like Yukiteru in Mirai Nikki did, that it can sometimes be convenient to have a crazy stalker watching every move you make.

The second part was great, although I feel like we’ve seen several variations on this general theme before.  Ika Musume likes shrimp.  That’s great, and it’s one of the things that makes her adorable, but it’s not literally the only thing she can eat, is it?  It seemed like they were taking things to extremes, showing her as starving while she tries to give up shrimp.  I’m sure she’s eaten other things before, right?  Maybe shrimp have some vital nutrient she can’t get anywhere else.  Maybe if she let the MIT graduates examine her, they would be able to create a nutritional supplement for her!  I’m sure they would be happy to help.

The last part was a little touching.  Just a little, I haven’t warmed to Sanae completely.  But insofar as she can be happy without doing harm to Ika Musume, I want her to be happy.  Crazy stalkers are people too, and she deserves some reward for helping out with the burglary, after all.  So if she wants to misinterpret Ika Musume’s actions as a gesture of affection towards her, I wish her well, and I hope her false beliefs make her happy.  I feel like that’s the most any of us can wish for in life.


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