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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Episode 9

Last episode on Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, the members of the Rinjinbu tried to go swimming, but failed due to crippling social phobia.  Have they considered maybe seeing a psychiatrist about this?  I mean, it’s one thing to have trouble making friends, perfectly sane, healthy, brilliant, handsome people can have trouble making friends.  But if you can’t even handle being in a crowd of people without becoming sick to your stomach and collapsing, that sort of problem is maybe beyond the scope of an after-school club to solve. Don’t they have universal healthcare in Japan?  Let’s see if the club members can get the help they need in episode 9 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

…thirty minutes pass…

Hey, Yozora, why the long face?

Booooo.  This episode was more of exactly what I don’t want out of this show. I’m not in the market for yet another fanservice comedy where people see each other naked and then run off screaming in embarrassment. Plus we got more of Sena creeping on Kobato, which is really upsetting to me.  I like Sena in general, but when she pulls a Sandusky and starts molesting children in the baths, it becomes hard to support her.  It’s not even funny child molestation, the show isn’t even really making jokes with it, they just expect us to laugh because of the bare fact of Sena being awful to poor Kobato.

Nothing even really happened in this episode, either.  It was all setup for what I guess will be next episode’s visit to Sena’s private beach.  I can understand not wanting to have two swimming-based episodes in a row, but that means you end up trying to stretch “a visit to Sena’s house where the protagonist accidentally sees her naked” to cover a whole episode.  And it just wasn’t solid enough for that.  Maybe if Kobato hadn’t come along we could have had more interactions between Sena and Kodaka and it could have been enjoyable in a straight romance-anime sort of way, but Sena couldn’t keep her hands off Kobato long enough to interact in a respectable fashion with Kodaka.  Why would Kobato even agree to come along?  Shouldn’t Sena’s mistreatment of her last episode still be fresh in her mind?

Really the only good part of this episode was Yozora’s “horseplay” at the beginning.  Yozora really hasn’t been getting enough screentime lately.  It was her club to start with, but now everything is focusing on Sena, or the newcomers.   I guess they’re trying to make a point, which is why at the end of every episode where Yozora hardly shows up they cut to a picture of Yozora being lonely.  She thought that making a club would magically make her friends, but she only succeeded in creating a microcosm of society, and in society the loud chicks with big tits are the ones everyone pays attention to, while the quiet sarcastic less-conventionally-attractive chicks get to sit in a corner reading books.  Her mistake was recruiting new members beyond herself and Kodaka.  In a group of size two, you either work together toward a common goal as friends, or fight as enemies.  Either way, there is no social maneuvering that needs to be done.  But in a group of size three or more, you can form coalitions, factions, exclude people.  Politics starts to arise.  Someone like Yozora, who is incompetent at politics, should seek to deal with people one-on-one whenever possible.


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