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Mirai Nikki – Episode 7

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, the Future Diary Alliance was facing its most dangerous threat yet – a five-year-old boy.  You thought facing down a crazed serial killer, a terrorist bomber, a superhero, or an entire cult full of fanatic worshipers was tense?  Now Yukiteru and Yuno are facing the wrath of a preschooler.  Maybe he has a powerful diary to give him a handicap, but then the combination of Yukiteru’s and Yuno’s diaries are pretty hard to beat in terms of power.  Maybe there’s some other villain using him as a pawn to distract the two of them while he or she sets up an attack.  That would make sense, five-year-olds are pretty easy to manipulate.  Well, we’ll see how things go down in episode 7 of Mirai Nikki.

…thirty minutes pass…

This might just seem like an ordinary Yuno crazyface, but the fact that the interlocutor she's threatening is a five-year-old boy puts it over the top I think.

Well, at least he’s dead now.  Man, I’m sorry I ever complained about how unrealistic a mad bomber terrorist dressed in a gothic-lolita style outfit was.  She seems downright plausible in comparison to a five-year-old boy who is capable of rigging up complex poison gas mail-bombs.  I mean, maybe you could argue that the cult he grew up in was into some shady business with poisoning and electrocuting people, and sure, some five-year-olds are brighter than others.  And yeah, this isn’t exactly a gritty, down-to-earth drama to begin with.  But the strains this episode placed on my suspension of disbelief were distracting to me, and kept me from enjoying this episode as much as I might have.

I might have enjoyed this episode a lot!  It had Yuno being paranoid enough to carefully weigh her tomatoes to make sure no one poisoned them, it had Yuno going berserk and hammering an innocent woman in the head, it had Yuno fighting through impossible odds to save Yukiteru.  Yuno was in fine form, but I just couldn’t take her opponent seriously.

So Minene is back.  It looks like Kurusu is indeed trying to turn her into an unofficial fourth member of the Future Diary alliance.  She had two diary holders helpless at her feet, and she saved them; that doesn’t make sense unless they’re going to be allied.  But she did take the opportunity to try to stir up trouble, telling Yukiteru to hurry up and kill Yuno already.  I wonder if she’s relaying Kurusu’s opinion there, or if she’s scheming on her own initiative.  It makes sense for either of them – once the alliance breaks up, if Yuno’s still alive everybody that isn’t Yukiteru is pretty much screwed.  Their only hope is to convince Yukiteru that the cost of keeping Yuno around in terms of innocent mothers brutally hammered is too high for him to want to pay.


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