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Ika Musume 2 – Episode 6

Ika Musume has had a weird airing schedule this season, it’s on one week, off the next, then on again, then off, maybe then on for a couple weeks straight.  Just enough variation to keep me from finding a meaningful pattern.  This makes it hard to remember to watch Ika Musume.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching the antics of the squid girl.  I just remember seeing a thing that says “no Ika Musume next week” and I don’t remember if that was yesterday, a week ago, or two weeks ago.  Anyway, I have episode 6 of season two of Ika Musume downloaded now, and squid tastes just as good frozen, so let’s watch.

…thirty minutes pass…

We need to see Ika Musume wearing pretty dresses more often.

The first part of this episode was pretty weak.  The bit at the statue was mildly amusing, I guess.  I chuckled at the innuendo when they started talking about how big it was and how many entrances people have, but I’m not really here to chuckle at innuendo, that’s not what this show does well.  I’d rather it stay cute and pure.  (On that note, the brief closeup shot of Ika Musume’s behind in the OP kind of bothers me.)  And the part with Chizuru and Gorou was boring, as usual.  I just can’t see any sort of chemistry in that relationship.  Chizuru isn’t even really a character, she’s a force of nature.

The second part was more fun.  Sanae isn’t usually a character I approve of, but this time she is more than just a one-note character who lusts after Ika Musume and we all laugh (note: a break from the pure-cute formula that this show does best! I think we are on to something).  She got a bit of depth added to her character.  Not much, this is still Ika Musume, but she got to struggle to do her duty to the one she loves in spite of her base emotions.  I’m a sucker for a good story about duty.  And in the end she wound up battered and broken, having lost everything she was fighting for.  That’s how you can tell it was a good one.

And the third part was Mini-Musume again!  Mini-Musume is great and I love her, and I’m not about to turn down a Mini-Musume segment.  But they have sort of lost some of the novelty value they had originally.  This is the third time Mini-Musume has shown up, and the formula was pretty much the same as last time.  Mini-Musume goes on a trip, gets lost and scared.  This time we got to watch her get an awesome new costume change (pictured above), and the scene of her in the dollhouse was visually appealing, but I’m worried that they’ve pushed this gimmick about as far as they profitably can.  They need to start thinking about what they can do to top it.



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