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Fate/Zero – Episode 8

Last episode on Fate/Zero, Saber and Lancer Black were teaming up to take down Caster Blue, while simultaneously Kiritsugu and the lecturer guy were facing off in a mage duel.  Still haven’t learned his name, but it seems a little late to bother at this point, with Kiritsugu the mage-slayer pointing what I assume is an enchanted pistol at him.  (Maybe the same one from Fate/Stay Night that’s Emiya’s heirloom of his father’s?)  I wonder what Caster’s Master is doing during all this.  I mean I’m sure he’d be no use in a fight, he barely knows any magic, but that’s exactly the point.  With Caster distracted, it would be more trivial than trivial for Archer Gold to pop over, call him a mongrel, and fill his bones with swords.  Maybe he’s hidden away in a safehouse, but the Assassin network should be able to ferret him out.  It seems like a safer strategy than trying to kill-steal both Saber and Lancer Black to get that free Command Spell.  Anyway, let’s see how these fights play out in episode 8 of Fate/Zero.

…thirty minutes pass…

Pay 1 life: Wall of Blood gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

He’s still not dead?  Kiritsugu used his super-awesome mage-slaying +5 Gun of Chekov and he still didn’t manage to take down the lecturer dude?  I really don’t want to have to learn his name 😦  And Lancer and Saber Black between them couldn’t manage to handle Caster Blue, either.  I guess having his Noble Phantasm be an infinite mana source covers for the normal limitations of being summoned by an amateur mage, but it also means his Noble Phantasm isn’t, like, a dagger that nullifies any enchantment, or the set of all Noble Phantasms that don’t contain themselves, or any of the other broken nonsense that the other Servants have.  Kinda wondering why Archer Gold  didn’t pop in at the end to finish him off, wasn’t he supposed to be hunting Caster down?  Maybe he was hungover.

Not a lot to say about the plot this episode, they spent the whole time resolving those two fights, and also the Irisviel vs. Kotomine fight. (Well, “resolving” might be an overstatement.  Seriously, we’re eight episodes into a survival game, somebody should be dead by now.)  I enjoyed the visuals a lot, though.  They’re doing a good job of making magic visually appealing, instead of just people throwing multicolored beams of light at each other and maybe the beams explode.  The wall of blood in Caster’s fight was the easiest to take a screenshot of, but I think I liked Irisviel’s cat’s-cradle magic the best.  I was rooting for her, but realistically, of course she couldn’t stand up to Kotomine.  I kinda saw it coming, but I still cracked a smile when he ripped that tree out of the ground to escape her trap.  He’s just a badass, bad enough of an ass to be Fate/Stay Night’s main villain, and I’m glad they’re doing him justice here.  Even if he is a little younger and more impressionable.


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