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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Episode 7

The previous episode of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai marked the beginning of summer vacation.  Oh boy! Summer vacation means going swimming and visiting festivals and watching fireworks and being caught in an endless time loop that triggers a revolt among your fans.  Let’s hope episode 7 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a good one, because we’ll be watching it for a while. …thirty minutes pass…

What would you even do with your time if you don't have friends *or* use the internet?

I guess for the Rinjinbu, summer vacation means hanging out indoors playing videogames.  Well, that’s understandable, the sun is a terrible enemy of mankind, who wants to be outside when it’s that hot?  Winter’s no better though, it’s so cold, and there’s ice on the ground you might slip on.  Better to say indoors where it’s warm.  And then spring and fall?  That’s allergy season!  Gotta stay indoors, the outside air is flooded with pollen.  One advantage of this strategy is that it protects them against an Endless Eight-style loop – who cares if time keeps repeating itself if you do the same thing every day anyway? Yukimura was great in this episode.  I’m glad to see the maid uniform is sticking around, and equally glad to see his bushido spirit show back up.  A samurai serves his master faithfully, but it turns out that even if you have the will and the physical capability, that’s pretty hard.  It’s not enough to just do as your master says.  As we saw, that leads to committing horrible atrocities that nobody ever wanted.  And why should that be? Even in those cases that people mean what they say, they don’t say anywhere close to all that they mean.  This is just a practical matter!  When you look at what you actually mean when you say “Make sure Maria eats healthily”, it could fill a book – you mean things like “Make sure she eats healthily without engaging in anything the UN considers torture” and “Make sure she eats healthily without sparking global thermonuclear war“.  These things are supposed to “go without saying”, but this means that a samurai who wants to serve his master faithfully needs to always understand his master’s opinion on the UN Convention Against Torture, and the desirability of the apocalypse, and a million other things.

I also enjoyed watching the Rinjinbu struggle with the implications of emerging social networking technologies.   It’s too bad they didn’t get to talking about a collaborative blog or a Wiki for the club, it would have been great to have Yozora and Sena locked in an edit war with Kodaka facepalming and reverting everything.  But Wikis are the sort of solution that the older generation turns to when it feels like it ought to be engaging with this new “social media” thing.  For people Kodaka’s age, Twitter would be hot thing.  You would have Yukimura dutifully retweeting everything Kodaka posts, Rika writing erotica 140 characters at a time, and Yozora just tweeting “meat” to Sena every hour on the hour.  But cellphones are good too.

There was a time in my life I felt as Sena did, that cellphones were for commoners, that it was befitting a prince like myself to be a little hard to reach.  If what you have to say is important, the line of thinking went, you can go to the effort of finding me in person.  In my case, though, that logic was covering up for my unwillingness to pay the unreasonable amounts of money a cellphone plan cost.  Sena doesn’t have that excuse.  She’s just being destroyed by her pride.  If only all the people of the world could get together and agree to stop lying about how awesome they are…


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