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Mirai Nikki – Episode 6

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, the Future Diary Alliance was ripping shit up in the survival game, with two kills in one episode.  At that rate, Mirai Nikki won’t even last to double digit episode numbers!  But the thing we have to keep in mind is, it could have been three.  Yuno did her part, with an axe to the neck of that wannabe superhero, and Yukiteru did his part, with a dart, but Kurusu had his gun trained on Minene and he just let her walk away.  Let’s see if we can figure out what’s up with that in episode 6 of Mirai Nikki.

…thirty minutes pass…

Because Yuno would see her in her diary and murder her in advance.

Oh my god, Yuno and Yukiteru are such a cute couple.  I can see why Yukiteru’s mom approves of them, they’re obviously made for each other.  This was another romance episode, like the one at the amusement park, but even better.  Their relationship is moving forward, and I couldn’t be happier.  Yuno’s blushing smile is adorable, as she cooks for Yukiteru, cleans up Yukiteru’s room for him, or just makes friendly conversation with Yukiteru’s mother.  She’s even cute as she methodically breaks into Yukiteru’s house to surprise him.  If Yukiteru’s mother had decided to become a hindrance to their relationship, I’m sure she would have cutely tortured her to death.  That lends something of a cutely ominous air to Yuno’s declaration that she and Yukiteru would sleep together at the end of July and that she wouldn’t let anything change that future.  If you have one goal that you prioritize over everything else, you can end up cutely destroying everything else in the world in service of that goal.

Haha, and that scene where Yuno sees in her diary that Yukiteru is in the bathroom out of toilet paper and brings him some?  That was astoundingly cute.  It’s convenient to have someone keeping you under constant surveillance!

So I guess the new diary holder they’re going to be fighting is a five-year-old kid.  I’m not sure I can take him seriously as a threat. He’s five years old.  You don’t have to be Yuno with an axe to beat him in a fight!  Tsubaki could take him probably, even Tsubaki after losing her hand.  There is an internet test entitled “How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take In A Fight” and even for Yukiteru the answer’s got to be more than one.  For Yuno there’s probably no upper limit; she could kill five-year-olds all day, and would, happily, if it meant she got to sleep with Yukiteru.

Maybe this kid has some “peculiarity” up his sleeve, like he’s actually the reincarnation of the Sacred Eye’s god. Except the Sacred Eye’s god isn’t real, we know Tsubaki’s parents made it up to con worshipers.  Maybe this kid has some clever strategy, more clever than “running with scissors”, that will take the Future Diary Alliance by surprise.  Except, as much as five-year-olds are not notable for their strength, they’re also not notable for their intelligence.  Five-year-olds are pretty terrible at everything.  Not that fourteen-year-olds are geniuses or anything, you saw how well Yukiteru did trying to strategize a way to keep his mother from meeting Yuno.  But five-year-olds are basically still larvae.


One response to “Mirai Nikki – Episode 6

  1. zammael November 18, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    On the other hand Deus Ex Machina chose his diarists carefully: from the psychotic/neurotic end of the pool. So I wouldn’t expect anyone to demonstrate normalcy.

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