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Fate/Zero – Episode 6

Last time on Fate/Zero, all the Servants threw a big party and it was lots of fun, but nobody invited Caster Blue!  He just stayed at home all night watching his crystal ball.  Poor guy, I hope he makes lots of friends soon.  I hear he’s thinking about inviting Saber to the dance.  I, uh, wish him luck with that.  It’s good to have big dreams!  Let’s hope she lets him down easy in episode 6 of Fate/Zero.

…thirty minutes pass…

No, dummy, Joan of Arc wouldn't have a wind sword, she'd have a fire sword.

Well, there’s our first loser in the Holy Grail War.  RIP lecturer guy, I never bothered to learn your name.  It’s looking like Caster Blue is going to be next, he’s playing a completely different game than everybody else, based on imaginary rules, blasphemous delusions, and mass murder.  The Church’s referees might not care about a little mass murder, but you have to do it with bombs like Kiritsugu does, or at least make it look like natural causes like Caster in Fate/Stay Night.  Blatant use of magic is a no-no.

Given the restrictions on the use of magic, one wonders why more people don’t use Kiritsugu’s methods.  They sure seem brutally effective, and no Church asshole is going to declare him anathema for them.  If twenty-four layers of magic defenses can’t keep you from being exploded, how is the Holy Grail War not just a regular war?  I guess the Holy Grail War is fought by wizards, and when all you have is the power to reshape reality at your whim, everything looks like a part of reality.  But the lecturer guy isn’t the only one with a fixed address.  Why hasn’t Kiritsugu bombed the Matou and Tohsaka mansions yet?  I guess maybe the issue is the lecturer had a hole in his defenses – his atelier wasn’t on ground level, and so Kiritsugu didn’t have to bomb the atelier directly (which would have been prevented by the twenty-four layers of magic defenses), he just had to demolish the building it was in.  Seems like a silly mistake for such a supposedly impressive mage to make, but I guess that just proves Waver’s point, that bloodline isn’t everything.

It’s interesting to watch Archer Gold tempting Kotomine.  He reminds me a little of the Shadows from Babylon 5 when he asks him “what do you want?” Kotomine doesn’t give a straight answer, but hey, it’s a hard question.  It’s not clear to me exactly what it means for people to want things – Kotomine doesn’t enjoy things, but still he is pursuing the Holy Grail and not just randomly twitching his muscles.  He is engaging in goal-oriented behavior.  I guess in the end it will turn out that that’s enough for Archer Gold.  It’s a little surprising to me that Archer Gold is the one who’s tempting Kotomine, and not the other way around.  Kotomine got a lot more proactive in the ten-year span between Fate/Zero  and Fate/Stay Night.  There, he was a plotting final villain.  Here he’s acting more like a loyal pawn.


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