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Mirai Nikki – Episode 5

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, Yuno was freaking out on some hypnotized cultists with a fire axe.  It’s a good look for her, covered in the blood of other people that she had to kill because they might have harmed her precious Yukki.  They would have killed him, in fact – we know this from the diaries.  She’s saved Yukiteru’s life at least three times now – even if she eventually ends up killing him in a fit of crazy stalker rage, he’s still come out ahead on the deal.  Yukiteru was presented with a choice between Yuno and the cult leader woman at the end of the last episode.  I know how that cliffhanger is resolved, but that’s as far as I got in the manga.  Let’s watch episode 5 of Mirai Nikki and finally get into some stuff I haven’t seen.

…thirty minutes pass…

The hero of the story dies in the fifth episode? Pretty gutsy move on the part of the writers.

Wow, Tsubaki was a pretty awful person.  Not just because she employed gangrape as a deliberate strategy (although that’s despicable), but because she was seeking godly power for the purpose of destroying the world.  The most important rule for dealing with godly power is to make sure not to kill literally everyone with it.  It can be tricky sometimes, but if you don’t at least try, you’re an asshole.

So I guess now Yukiteru has gotten his head in the game.  He finally managed to win a fight all on his own, without Yuno there murdering everyone for him and shouting words of encouragement when his crippling insecurities started to get the better of him.  I guess in fairness he still had a lot of indirect help from Yuno.  He was using her diary, for example, and the killing blow he made wouldn’t have connected if Tsubaki hadn’t been crippled earlier by Yuno.   Plus, I’m sure that the fury in his heart over what they tried to do to Yuno helped him find the courage he needed to rush into a room full of enemies and take out their leader.  Now he can draw strength from protecting Yuno the same way Yuno draws strength from protecting him, and their combination has grown even stronger!  Let’s all just pretend to forget about the room full of corpses and everything will be great.

So the cop let Minene go.  I wasn’t expecting that, they really didn’t seem to get along well at all in episode 2.  I guess he’s trying to turn her into an ally?  I know cops sometimes use criminal informants, but I didn’t think that extended to mad bomber terrorists.  Well, maybe this experience has gotten his head in the game too.  This is a survival game; Tsubaki knew how to play it, even if it didn’t turn out well for her in the end.  You form temporary alliances to defeat a common enemy, then you betray your allies when they leave themselves vulnerable.  Maybe forming a rapport with Minene is the first step toward stabbing Yukiteru and Yuno? There are still five unknown competitors out there, it would be premature to turn on his two solid allies already.   But when it does come time for betrayal, it would be nice to have a partner, possibly someone who wants revenge for her missing eye, and someone who can match Yuno crazy for crazy…  Or maybe he’s a legitimate good guy, and he’s trying to redeem her.  I had Minene pegged as the recurring villain of the story, because she escaped death once and her diary is literally the Escape Diary, giving her a good excuse to recur.  But maybe she’s the antihero who joins the good guys but still cracks jokes every once in a while about how much she likes to blow things up.


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