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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Episode 5

Last episode on Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, three new members were introduced to the Rinjinbu – a nun, a genius scientist, and a dude who looks like a chick.  They all have their unique contributions to make to the club.  I wonder if any of them like to play videogames, as near as I can tell that’s what the club’s activities mostly consist of.  Maybe now that the completely unfriendly people are outnumbered in the club, the club will actually start moving into friend-making activities.  But Sena and Yozora have seniority, so they’ll probably just continue sniping at each other in episode 5 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

…thirty minutes pass…

The common complaint of those who lose at balanced games.

I don’t know why I expected adding a computer programmer and a ten-year-old child to the group to make them play videogames less.  It was foolish of me, in retrospect.

I feel like this episode was a little light on humor.  The problem is, we’ve tackled basically the exact same premise before, when the Rinjinbu was playing Monster Hunter on its PSPs.  We even got a direct repeat of the “Sena and Yozora are incapable of working together in a co-op game and teamkill instead” joke.  And the new jokes were weak.  Haha, this game prototype is incomplete in a number of ways, making it unsatisfying as a game!  Haha, aren’t the skimpy outfits that female game characters always get really unrealistic, this is legitimate commentary and not a blatant excuse to dress our characters up in skimpy outfits for purposes of fanservice! (Just like I screencapped the skimpy outfit above for the sake of legitimate commentary… maybe I shouldn’t throw stones.)  One way they could have differentiated this episode from the bit in episode 2 would have been not to show an in-game view.  Just show the characters sitting around in the clubroom with visors on their heads talking about the splendid vistas and their weird character designs, and let the viewer infer what’s going on from their dialogue.  Yeah, that would have been a huge sacrifice in watchability for the sake of a briefly amusing concept, but hey, we all enjoyed Endless Eight, right?  Right?!?

I am warming up to Kobato a little.  And Maria too.  They have good chemistry together, the evil vampire and the holy woman of god fighting for Kodaka’s affections. I can ironically enjoy some chuunibyou nonsense once in a while.  Kuroneko was the best character in There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be This Cute, and Kobato kind of reminded me of her in this episode.  I’m not sure I’ve warmed up to her enough to be happy she’s joining the club, though.


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