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Fate/Zero – Episode 5

Last episode on Fate/Zero, Saber and Lancer Black were having an epic duel, but it was spoiled when Rider Red decided to jump into the middle of things.  Lurk more, man!  Let me put it in terms a Rider should understand: a chariot doesn’t need a third wheel.  And now the lecturer is going to notice the student who stole from him, and Waver is going to notice the teacher who humiliated him in front of the class, and the duel with Saber will be put aside in order to pursue their petty personal grudges.  I’m sure Kiritsugu and Kotomine will be happy with that, even if Saber isn’t.  Let’s see how this develops in episode 5 of Fate/Zero.

…thirty minutes pass…

Archer Gold is such a complete, perfect asshole.

So the clusterfuck got even clusterfuckier.  By the end of it, Caster Blue was the only one who didn’t show up.  They could have had the Holy Grail War over in a single night if somebody had planted bombs around the docks.  I guess I was wrong about the lecturer and Waver dropping everything to fight one another.  The lecturer is cool and smart and good at games, he’s not going to lose his composure and make a bad tactical decision out of personal pique.  And Waver isn’t the one calling the shots, Rider Red is.  Of course, who knows how things would have evolved if Archer Gold and Berserker Black hadn’t shown up.

All of those servants gathered together in one place, and none of them managed to kill any of the others.  I dunno how many episodes this show is supposed to run, but eventually you are going to have to start narrowing down the field.  They’re all interesting characters, so I can understand a reluctance to kill any of them, but you could kill the remaining Assassins, at least, or Berserker Black.  I guess Caster Blue is has fallen in love with Saber now, so that might end up going badly for him.  I don’t know when Archer Gold developed his possessive romantic interest in Saber, but I doubt Caster Blue could stand up to him in a fight.  Archer Gold is probably going to be busy teaching Tohsaka a lesson about who wears the solid gold pants in their relationship, though.  Saber might have to defend her own honor.

I don’t know how Kariya hopes to win the Holy Grail War the way he is.  If his Berserker goes “all out”, he’s able to put a crippled Saber on the defensive, but not actually kill her without help from Lancer Black.  And this “all out” effort is enough to make him vomit up blood and worms.  Berserker’s master doesn’t have time to turtle up, wait for the other servants to kill each other, and then swoop in and defeat the last remaining servant that’s used all her energy and is covered in battle wounds.  Berserker has to win quick before his rage overcomes his master, and there’s no way Berserker Black seems powerful enough to do that.  It was impressive how he survived the Gate of Babylon, but that’s just the rock-paper-scissors logic of the Holy Grail War at play.  If your special skill is that you can use whatever is on hand effectively as a weapon, you’ll do quite well against an enemy that tosses lots of powerful weapons in your general direction.

So who is Berserker Black?  He’s got a black suit of armor, uses improvised or scavenged weapons, and has a swarming black aura following him.  Maybe he’s a nanotechnology cyborg hero from the future and the swarming black aura is helper nanites.


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