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Mirai Nikki – Episode 4

Last episode on Mirai Nikki, Yukiteru and Yuno’s relationship grew closer, then was smashed to pieces by a gruesome discovery that Yukiteru made in Yuno’s house.  You know, it’s very rude to go poking around in other people’s homes.  But then, it’s also rude not to give your guests good directions regarding where the bathroom is, and it’s just unwise not to keep an eye on your guests if there are rooms full of dead bodies in your house.  They’re both at fault, really.  The anime still hasn’t caught up to where I’ve read in the manga, so I’ll just jump in to episode 4 of Mirai Nikki without any more chatter.

…thirty minutes pass…

This is linguistically interesting, it's on its face not a good sentence because "kill" requires an object that's living, so what happens is that "corpses" is coerced into describing something that's living, and so we are able to conclude that the followers are only faking their deaths.

We’re pretty close to caught up to where I got in the manga.  A couple more scenes should do it.

This was a really good episode to air around Halloween.  It had a zombie mob that the hero of the story had to fight off with an axe! (Yuno is the hero of the story obviously.) It also had poor Yukiteru terrified and huddling under the sheets, a prisoner in his own home, unable to call the police because of a psychopath who can predict his every action before he even takes it.  Ten minutes before he screams, he’s already silenced. If he wants to break Yuno’s hold on him, he’ll have to be clever.

I’m really not sure he should break it.  I think he overstates the danger he was in at Yuno’s house.  Yeah, clearly that was not a good situation to be in and I don’t disagree with his decision to flee screaming, but she wasn’t going to kill him.  If she had been going to kill him, he would have gotten a DEAD END warning on his diary. There are plenty of things that crazy people can do to you other than kill you – he could very easily have been sexually assaulted, for example, and his diary would have said nothing, because he’s just a bystander and nobody cares if a bystander is sexually assaulted (see the Kitty Genovese case, for example).  He should take this risk seriously.  But he should also take the risk of losing the survival game seriously.  There are a lot of people out there gunning for him.  Even if not all of them want to be God, surely some of the remainder do.  Yuno is pretty handy with an axe, she’s an asset to have on Yukiteru’s team, even if her raging jealousy is going to make it difficult for him to form alliances with any of the female diary holders.


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