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Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 15

Last episode on Mawaru Penguindrum, Ringo was in immediate danger of being sexually assaulted by Yuri.  I have heard people say that this is karma, because of the time Ringo nearly raped Tabuki.  Karma is no excuse, though.  We should seek for good things to happen to good people, and good things to happen to bad people too.  Love all mankind, even the evil parts of it.  And Ringo isn’t really evil anyway, she just got a little tangled up in her own goal system and made some bad judgment calls.  Let’s hope someone (the crossbow chick?) intervenes in episode 15 of Mawaru Penguindrum, before Yuri goes too far with her bad judgment call.

…thirty minutes pass…

The same way a heap of sand can turn into a non-heap when you remove a single grain from it.

This was a good episode.  Solid pacing, engaging plot, implied lesbian S&M, and it almost felt like it answered more questions than it raised.  We finally know why everybody is so urgently seeking the diary.  It seems that Ringo was using it wrong – it doesn’t tell you what the future will be, it changes the future.  But it’s probably good that she was using it wrong, because using it right can have serious negative effects on your health and on the structure of reality.  For example, it seems likely that sixteen years ago the diary arranged the world such that Shou’s parents carried out a terrorist attack.

Wait… causality doesn’t hold.  The diary can change the scenery of the world, can change the story-up-until-now.  There’s no reason the diary had to have been used to cause the terrorist attack sixteen years ago at the time of the attack.  It could have happened at any point before we started watching.  In fact, if there have been contradictions in the observed flashback scenes, that might be a sign that it happened after we started watching.  Keep an eye on the past, guys!  I guess at this point the diary is neutralized, so the past should be safe, at least until one of the players gets their hands on both pieces.

So what wish caused the bombing, and who was the wisher?  Momoka wound up dead, but that seems like a steep price.  Even remaking the Tokyo Tower only cost Momoka a mild spontaneous combustion.  Tabuki has weird scars on his fingers; those might be a price.  But why would he want to kill Momoka?  Himari has weird, unexplained health issues.  But where would she have gotten the diary?  We just don’t know enough, even now.  But I appreciate that we know more than we used to.


3 responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 15

  1. Justin October 26, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Huh. I don’t think I noticed anything physically wrong with Tabuki (though I might have just forgotten). So much thinking with this show…I’m glad there are a lot of people blogging this series!

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