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Mirai Nikki – Episode 2

The first episode of Mirai Nikki got out the board and the pieces and laid out the rules of the game, and even provided a brief example of play with the serial killer the Third. I went back and looked at the manga and it seems like we got about halfway through the first volume in the first episode, at what seemed like a pretty good pace.  I got through most of two volumes of the manga, so if this trend continues it’ll only be three more episodes before I can speculate in a state of ignorance about upcoming events in the anime!  Let’s hope they make it through the rest of volume one in episode two of Mirai Nikki.

…thirty minutes pass…

They're not your friends; they despise you. I'm the only one you can count on. Trust me.

We do indeed seem to be on pace.  Great!

When I was reading the manga, I thought the bit where Yuno and Yukiteru realize that their diaries are perfect complements and give a complete vision of the future when taken together was pretty great.  It’s a shame that it is being kind of downplayed in the anime.  It sort of mirrors how their personalities are complements, Yukiteru being completely self-absorbed and depressive, while Yuno is completely other-absorbed and passionate.  Does that mean that the two of them taken together form one complete healthy human being?

I dunno that I’m impressed with Minene.  Her character backstory is that she is a terrorist, she wanders around with enough explosives to celebrate American independence, and she wants to become God because what, doesn’t everybody.  That’s not really a coherent character.  Usually terrorists would have some political or religious motive, that they would want to become God to further.  If you just blow stuff up because you think it’s fun, you’re just a mad bomber.  I guess maybe Japan has some of the same definition creep about what constitutes terrorism as we do in America.  I’m not a fan of Minene’s character design, either.  If she’s going to be a recurring villain (and surely she is, this is a survival game, everybody recurs until they die), I’d rather have her be a little more sensible than a terrorist with cute fangs, purple hair, twintails, and gothic lolita attire.


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