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Kimi to Boku – Episode 3

Kimi to Boku was kinda slow last episode, and that’s too bad.  I love the idea of the show, subverting the traditional slice-of-life comedy anime formula by making the characters guys instead of girls, but an appealing premise isn’t enough to keep me watching over a twelve episode season.  It’s not enough to give me a story about a boy who bakes good bread because he has warm hands, you need great characters like Kuro-yan too.  So far I’ve been unimpressed with the depth of the characters in this show.  Maybe if the girl from the last episode is joining the cast, they will show a different side of themselves around her?  Let’s hope she, or at least something, rescues episode 3 of Kimi to Boku.

…thirty minutes pass…

He doesn't know the Japanese language, but he's picked up idiosyncratic Japanese gestures just fine.


Yeah, that was actually substantially more than thirty minutes.  Throughout the episode I kept tabbing out to read internet arguments about the existence of God, which should give you a picture of just how engrossing Kimi to Boku has gotten.  They do seem to be integrating that chick into the group, but she’s not bringing out any interesting sides of any of the other characters, and she herself is not interesting.  This new German character brought out a little bit of interesting development from the twins, but he himself is not interesting, and he did it way too slowly to hold my attention.

I guess one major problem with this episode is that slice of life comedies live or die based on their words, and for a substantial portion of the episode we were focusing on the German guy as a child, when he didn’t know any Japanese.  He occasionally tried speaking German, but the voice actor totally butchered it, and there was no way my smattering of high school German was going to be able to recover anything meaningful from that.  Words are super important, guys!  Occasionally you can do something great without words, like Mini Iki Musume, but that’s an expert-level maneuver.  It’s safest to include dialogue.

So yeah, I’m dropping this, on account of it is boring and I dread the idea of struggling through another episode.  I thought maybe they could add a character to spice things up, but this German is no Shimada Minami.


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