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Ika Musume 2 – Episode 1

Shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku shinryaku ika musume (kyun)!  I guess probably they will have a different OP for Ika Musume this time, if we’re lucky it’ll be a tenth as good.  Just so everybody remembers, Ika Musume is the story of a squid-girl that came from the ocean to invade the land, but because she is kind of childish and naive in the ways of the surface-dwellers, she ended up press-ganged into working at a beachside cafe.  There are various characters, with various quirks, but really Ika Musume is the only character worth caring about, she drives the show by being cute and funny.  With those things in mind, let’s watch episode 1 of Ika Musume season 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

Maybe Ika Musume can be my action anime this season.

We were not lucky, the op is not one tenth as good as last season’s.

This episode was a sort of reintroduction of the characters and of the plot (to the extent that there is one), in case you’d forgotten how the show worked over the year it was off the air.  I feel like I already covered that in my introduction to this post, so it was kind of a waste of effort.  I am a good audience member, I make sure I am mentally and emotionally prepared before I sit down to watch your show!  I guess they’re catering to the sorts of half-hearted TV-watching amateurs who do things like turn the TV on as background noise while they cook dinner.  When Ika Musume conquers the world I hope those sorts of people are sent to reeducation camps so that TV shows can cater to the people who actually care about them for a change.

The third section of the episode did start breaking some new ground, though.  It was the climactic battle, Ika Musume vs. Kuragehime, only a year too late for it to be topical.  I will observe that it did not take long for Ika Musume to turn on her supposed sea-dweller allies.  I guess she hates sharks, too.  There really isn’t much unity of purpose in the sea, when you get right down to it.  When she came to land she was shocked at how humans waged war on each other, but really, that’s nothing compared to the constant war of all against all that goes on beneath the waves.  Evolution’s had a lot longer to fill the niches underwater than it has on land, so there is very little “blue ocean” left.  Any advancement in one species’s population has to be carved out of the niche held by another species.  It’s a dogfish eat dogfish world, and really not a place for a naive girl like Ika Musume.  She should stay on land, with humans, who play volleyball and take photos and comparatively rarely murder each other.


2 responses to “Ika Musume 2 – Episode 1

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  2. schultzz October 2, 2011 at 2:59 am

    i just watched this episode and its quite funny like season 1, i just hope it keeps the humor fresh.

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