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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Episode 11

Last time on BakaTest, the nascent war had fizzled out, but at the cost of spreading the knowledge of Minami and Akihisa’s mutual feelings for each other around the school.  Practically everyone now knows at least one half of it, and people who really would be happier not knowing, like Miharu and Himeji, know both.  So long as the only people who know that the feelings are mutual are jealous romantic aspirants who have every motive to keep the two apart, the secret may still hold, but I think there’s too much knowledge out there to keep them from eventually discovering they like each other and starting a wonderful romance.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part!  I guess we’ll find out in episode 11 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu season 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

That's not a very heroic way to think about it, Yuuji.

More flashbacks, huh.  Wasn’t as good as the Minami flashback, but it was nice to get some background on why Shouko is so crazy about Yuuji.  It’s kinda sad, she used to be such a sweet girl, and now she goes around zapping Yuuji with her stun-gun and poking his eyes out when he dares to look at other girls.  I guess you could kind of see the beginnings of that attitude earlier when she kept trying to get him to talk to her.  She’s a person who uses “creative” means to achieve her goals, and as she’s aged her creative means have advanced from risqué conversation topics to using less-lethal weaponry on non-resisting targets.

Shouko’s original reason for  coming to like Yuuji, that he treated her fairly with the same disrespect he treated everybody else, might seem a little sad, but I can see where she’s coming from.  There is a comfort in knowing that someone doesn’t care about you as a person – it means their responses will be pure and untainted.  They won’t care enough about what you think to lie to you, they won’t care enough about your feelings to manipulate you.  In the end, the people who don’t care about you are the only ones you can trust.

So I guess Yuuji is secretly a genius.  That explains why he is able to construct such elaborate strategies for fighting the Summoned Being War, but doesn’t explain what he’s doing in F Class in the first place.  Does anybody in F Class deserve to be there?  I thought it was just the girls, but when you get right down to it, everybody but Akihisa is either known to be intelligent or displays some impressive special talent that seems to indicate intelligence.  For example, Hideyoshi is a great actor, we are told.  Could he really memorize lines or get into character if he were as low on the intelligence level as his class ranking would suggest?  And Mutsurini runs a thriving business that depends on substantial technical knowhow.  I guess maybe the issue is that there are plenty of idiots in F Class, but the show just doesn’t focus on them, because they’re not as interesting as the people who are in F Class by mistake.


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