A thoughtful response to current anime.

Prepare for Dystopia

Scientists at CERN seem to have measured a particle going faster than the speed of light, which if true would open the door to a reworking of the fundaments of theoretical physics, possibly leading to an ability to send messages backward in time.  Article here.  Now, before you get excited, things of this sort almost always turn out to be some sort of measurement error or the media blowing something mundane out of proportion, and even if it’s a real phenomenon it doesn’t necessarily imply the possibility of time travel (as I understand physics, which is probably better than your average joe but worse than for example a physicist).  Also, CERN appears to be telling the world about this discovery instead of hoarding it to conquer the world, so Steins;Gate was probably not actually a documentary.  But you have to admit, it’s kinda funny, coming just days after the thrilling conclusion of Steins;Gate, to see a news article talking about the possibility of a time travel discovery at CERN.


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