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Steins;Gate – Episode 24

Last episode on Steins;Gate, Okabe got a mission (Operation Skuld) from his future self to protect Makise Kurisu from her father and, as a happy side effect, save the world from collapsing into war and anarchy.  To be successful, he will need to fool his past self into thinking Makise Kurisu has been killed.  It has been said that God could not create a counterfeit corpse so convincing that even he could not tell it was a fake, but the powers of God pale in comparison to those of the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma!  AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  Let’s watch as Okabe transcends even the bonds of fate and predestination in episode 24 of Steins; Gate.

…thirty minutes pass…

Something about this pose seems really familiar. Did he do the same thing in the first episode or something?

Congratulations, Okabe.  You saved the girl, and randomly perturbed the world, which, given that it was headed toward destruction if you left alone, is a move in the direction of saving it.  Of course, if you really wanted to make sure the world was saved, you would use your cheaty time-travel knowledge and develop your own time machine, free from CERN and from the governments of the world.  The mistake the physicists who discovered nuclear fission made was publicizing their discoveries, rather than doing their own secret private Manhattan project and using their atom bombs to take over the world (which they could then proceed to rule benevolently and keep free from the dangers of nuclear proliferation).  Maybe you could say that the atom bomb isn’t quite power enough to give some random group of physicists world dominance, but time travel surely is.  Let Mayushii rule the world, she seems nice, she would hardly capriciously execute anybody.

Okabe’s plan worked (of course it did, this was the last episode), but it didn’t seem very well thought out.  Why didn’t he bring John Titor along?  She has military training, so for example if they ran into a guy with a knife she might be able to disarm him.  Also she has blood, so if they needed a large amount of blood for some reason, they could take some of it from her body and not all of it from Okabe’s, and there would be less risk of killing him.  Don’t see why they couldn’t have just taken the blood from Makise Kurisu’s father.  They probably should have killed him just on general principles, he’s a dick and what if he has backups of his paper or could replicate his work?  Scientific papers are not magical artifacts of knowledge, they’re just dead echoes of the actual magical artifacts, the scientists’ brains.

So, it’s over.  I guess there are a few questions we aren’t getting answers to.  We never found out why Okabe alone of all people has access to Reading Steiner.  We never found out why the physics of time travel are dependent on human interpersonal interactions, and, in particular, the traumatic murder scenes that Okabe himself personally observes.  We also never found out why John Titor thought Makise Kurisu was a CERN spy way back in like episode 6, and that is gonna bug me forever now.  I really figured they would explain that at some point.  Oh well.  If you compare these few nagging questions to the looming mountain of incomprehension we were faced with at the end of Chaos;Head, it doesn’t look so bad.  I think having the extra season’s worth of episodes really helped, and if I still want to know more I guess I can play the game.  This was an excellent show, I have enjoyed it!


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